AG Carrier

Deciphering the contribution of modifications, systems and pathways in inherited cardiomyopathies

AG Christ

Research interest: Regulation of action potentials and force by ion channels in human heart tissue

AG Conradi

In vivo application of fibrin-based Engineered Heart Tissue (EHT) constructs from neonatal rat- as well as hiPS cell derived cardiomyocytes

AG Cuello

Identification of molecular pathomechanisms underlying cardiac and vascular disease development

AG Fabritz

Translational Research on Inherited Cardiac Conditions, Arrhythmias and Cardiomyopathies

AG Hansen

Development of complex cardiac in vitro models

AG Hirt

Identification of molecular mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy by an 3D-cell culture based EHT-model of cardiac hypertrophy

AG Karakas

Biomarker research, Investigator-initiated trials (IIT) and Medical Information Sciences and digital research platforms

AG Molina

We focus on understanding the basic cellular pathomechanisms underlying cardiac diseases, with special attention on cardiac arrhythmias

AG Nikolaev

Understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for the homeostasis of cAMP and cGMP

AG Oetjen

Investigation of the molecular pathogenesis of Diabetes mellitus

AG Saugel

Hemodynamic management of patients having major surgery and of critically ill patients

AG Schnabel

Cardiovascular research, epidemiology, biostatistics and data management

AG Schrepfer

TSI-Lab: Transplant and Stem Cell Immunobiology

AG Schwedhelm

Research interest: sphingosin-1-phosphate (S1P) and the vasodilator nitric oxide (NO)

AG Schwoerer

Identification of molecular mechanisms beneficial effects of unloading therapy mechanical unloading and overloading

AG Seniuk

Physiological regulation of blood pressure and into pathophysiological mechanisms leading to arterial hypertension

AG Twerenbold

Exploration of the utility of biomarkers and genomics in cardiovascular health and disease

AG Weinberger

Development of regenerative pharmacological strategies mainly focussing on translational studies

AG Wenzel

The role of the innate and the adaptive immune system in hypertension and hypertensive end organ damage

AG Zeller

Molecular Cardiology - Genomics and Systems Medicine