AG Twerenbold

Prof. Dr. Raphael Twerenbold
Clinic/Institute: Department of Cardiology
Phone: +49 (0) 40 7410 - 58012

Research Focus and Main research questions

Our research group has been established in 2021 to explore the utility of biomarkers and genomics in cardiovascular health and disease.

A wide range of biomarkers, not limited to circulating molecules in the blood but also integrating vital signs, ECG and imaging data, are linked with cardiovascular disease and future cardiovascular events. We aim to assess the diagnostic and prognostic utility of established and emerging biomarkers in large-scale clinical and epidemiological datasets. With the aid of advanced statistical models including machine-based learning, biomarkers will be considered in a holistic approach in order to enable best incremental value in clinical practice.

As a center piece of this research group, whole genome sequencing data will be obtained from 8‘000 apparently healthy individuals from the Hamburg City Health Study (HCHS) and 1‘000 patients with cardiovascular disease. This unique dataset with most detailed phenotyping will provide the basis to study the impact of genomics on cardiovascular health, test for risk prediction models and identify novel therapeutic targets.

  • Methods
  • Methods


    • translational and clinical research
    • collaborations with global research networks
    • comprehensive statistical analyses within large-scale local, national and international clinical and epidemiological datasets
    • derivation and validation of diagnostic and prognostic algorithms
    • application of advanced statistical prediction models including machine-based learning
    • analyses of whole-genome sequencing data combined with most detailed phenotype data

  • Publications:

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  • Recent Funding:

    2020: COVIVA | Swiss Heart Foundation | 80’000 CHF

    2020: COVIVA risk | Cardiovasc. Research Found. Basel | 65’000 CHF

    2019: APACE risk | Swiss Heart Foundation | 100’000 CHF

    2018: APACE late | Swiss Heart Foundation | 100’000 CHF

    2016-2018: DEDICATE BM | Swiss National Science Found | 150’000 CHF

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