AG Cuello

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Friederike Cuello
Clinic/Institute: Institute of Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology
Phone: +49 (0) 40 7410 - 57204

Research Focus and Main research questions

The scientific focus of the group is on studying the molecular pathomechanisms underlying cardiac and vascular disease development. In particular, we are interested in the dysregulation of signal transduction processes that occur due to alterations in protein kinase activation, activity, localization and post-translational modification. Studies are performed in knock-in mouse models, isolated primary cardiomyocytes or in three-dimensional engineered tissue from human induced-pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived cardiac cells.

  • Methods
  • Methods


    • Kinase and phosphatase activity assays
    • western immunoblotting
    • immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy
    • proximity ligation assays
    • protein expression and purification
    • protein-protein interaction assays
    • analysis of oxidative post-translational modifications
    • gene expression analysis
    • primary cell cultures
    • cell line cultures
    • macrophage function
    • CRISPR Cas9-genome editing and hiPSC differentiation to cardiomyocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells (see relevant Figure)

  • Publications:

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