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CYP19A1 mediates severe SARS-CoV-2 disease outcome in males

CELL REP MED. 2023 [Epub ahead of print];101152.

The Nairobi Declaration-Reducing the burden of dementia in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs): Declaration of the 2022 Symposium on Dementia and Brain Aging in LMICs

ALZHEIMERS DEMENT. 2023 [Epub ahead of print].

Patterns of synaptic loss in human amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spinal cord: a clinicopathological study
Aousji O, Feldengut S, Antonucci S, Schön M, Boeckers T, Matschke J, Mawrin C, Ludolph A, Del Tredici K, Roselli F, Braak H
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G2 checkpoint targeting via Wee1 inhibition radiosensitizes EGFRvIII-positive glioblastoma cells
Cetin M, Rieckmann T, Hoffer K, Riepen B, Christiansen S, Gatzemeier F, Feyerabend S, Schoof M, Schüller U, Petersen C, Mynarek M, Rothkamm K, Kriegs M, Struve N
RADIAT ONCOL. 2023;18(1):.

A preclinical randomized controlled multi-centre trial of anti-interleukin-17A treatment for acute ischaemic stroke
Gelderblom M, Koch S, Strecker J, Jørgensen C, Garcia-Bonilla L, Ludewig P, Schädlich I, Piepke M, Degenhardt K, Bernreuther C, Pinnschmidt H, Arumugam T, Thomalla G, Faber C, Sedlacik J, Gerloff C, Minnerup J, Clausen B, Anrather J, Magnus T
BRAIN COMMUN. 2023;5(2):fcad090.

The neurosurgical benefit of contactless in vivo optical coherence tomography regarding residual tumor detection: A clinical study
Kuppler P, Strenge P, Lange B, Spahr-Hess S, Draxinger W, Hagel C, Theisen-Kunde D, Brinkmann R, Huber R, Tronnier V, Bonsanto M
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Expansion-enhanced super-resolution radial fluctuations enable nanoscale molecular profiling of pathology specimens
Kylies D, Zimmermann M, Haas F, Schwerk M, Kuehl M, Brehler M, Czogalla J, Hernandez L, Konczalla L, Okabayashi Y, Menzel J, Edenhofer I, Mezher S, Aypek H, Dumoulin B, Wu H, Hofmann S, Kretz O, Wanner N, Tomas N, Krasemann S, Glatzel M, Kuppe C, Kramann R, Banjanin B, Schneider R, Urbschat C, Arck P, Gagliani N, van Zandvoort M, Wiech T, Grahammer F, Sáez P, Wong M, Bonn S, Huber T, Puelles V
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Inducing prion protein shedding as a neuroprotective and regenerative approach in pathological conditions of the brain: from theory to facts
Matamoros Angles A, Mohammadi B, Song F, Shafiq M, Brenna S, Puig Martorell B, Glatzel M, Altmeppen H

Anchorless risk or released benefit?: An updated view on the ADAM10-mediated shedding of the prion protein
Mohammadi B, Song F, Matamoros-Angles A, Shafiq M, Damme M, Puig B, Glatzel M, Altmeppen H
CELL TISSUE RES. 2023;392(1):215-234.

hGFAP-mediated GLI2 overexpression leads to early death and severe cerebellar malformations with rare tumor formation
Niesen J, Hermans-Borgmeyer I, Krüger C, Schoof M, Modemann F, Schüller U
ISCIENCE. 2023;26(9):107501.

ER stress induced immunopathology involving complement in CADASIL: implications for therapeutics
Panahi M, Hase Y, Gallart-Palau X, Mitra S, Watanabe A, Low R, Yamamoto Y, Sepulveda-Falla D, Hainsworth A, Ihara M, Sze S, Viitanen M, Behbahani H, Kalaria R
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Brain imaging and neuropsychological assessment of individuals recovered from a mild to moderate SARS-CoV-2 infection
Petersen M, Nägele F, Mayer C, Schell M, Petersen E, Kühn S, Gallinat J, Fiehler J, Pasternak O, Matschke J, Glatzel M, Twerenbold R, Gerloff C, Thomalla G, Cheng B
P NATL ACAD SCI USA. 2023;120(22):e2217232120.

Cross-seeding by prion protein inactivates TDP-43
Polido S, Stuani C, Voigt A, Banik P, Kamps J, Bader V, Grover P, Krause L, Zerr I, Matschke J, Glatzel M, Winklhofer K, Buratti E, Tatzelt J
BRAIN. 2023 [Epub ahead of print].

Non-functional ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase L1 drives podocyte injury through impairing proteasomes in autoimmune glomerulonephritis
Reichelt J, Sachs W, Frömbling S, Fehlert J, Studencka-Turski M, Betz A, Loreth D, Blume L, Witt S, Pohl S, Brand J, Czesla M, Knop J, Florea B, Zielinski S, Sachs M, Hoxha E, Hermans-Borgmeyer I, Zahner G, Wiech T, Krüger E, Meyer-Schwesinger C
NAT COMMUN. 2023;14(1):2114.

The role of the desmosomal protein desmocollin 2 in tumour progression in triple negative breast cancer patients
Reimer F, Bryan S, Legler K, Karn T, Eppenberger-Castori S, Matschke J, Pereira-Veiga T, Wikman H, Witzel I, Müller V, Schmalfeldt B, Milde-Langosch K, Schumacher U, Stürken C, Oliveira-Ferrer L
CANCER CELL INT. 2023;23(1):47.

α-Synuclein conformers reveal link to clinical heterogeneity of α-synucleinopathies
Schmitz M, Candelise N, Canaslan S, Altmeppen H, Matschke J, Glatzel M, Younas N, Zafar S, Hermann P, Zerr I

The tumor suppressor CREBBP and the oncogene MYCN cooperate to induce malignant brain tumors in mice
Schoof M, Epplen G, Walter C, Ballast A, Holdhof D, Göbel C, Neyazi S, Varghese J, Albert T, Kerl K, Schüller U
ONCOGENESIS. 2023;12(1):36.

Robust classification using average correlations as features (ACF)
Schumann Y, Neumann J, Neumann P

Resistant and Resilient mutations in protection against familial Alzheimer's disease: learning from nature
Sepulveda-Falla D
MOL NEURODEGENER. 2023;18(1):36.

An optimized western blot assay provides a comprehensive assessment of the physiological endoproteolytic processing of the prion protein
Vanni I, Iacobone F, D’agostino C, Giovannelli M, Pirisinu L, Altmeppen H, Castilla J, Torres J, Agrimi U, Nonno R
J BIOL CHEM. 2023;299(2):102823.

Comprehensive profiling of myxopapillary ependymomas identifies a distinct molecular subtype with relapsing disease
Bockmayr M, Harnisch K, Pohl L, Schweizer L, Mohme T, Körner M, Alawi M, Suwala A, Dorostkar M, Monoranu C, Hasselblatt M, Wefers A, Capper D, Hench J, Frank S, Richardson T, Tran I, Liu E, Snuderl M, Engertsberger L, Benesch M, von Deimling A, Obrecht D, Mynarek M, Rutkowski S, Glatzel M, Neumann J, Schüller U
NEURO-ONCOLOGY. 2022;24(10):1689-1699.

Dormant SOX9-positive cells facilitate MYC-driven recurrence of medulloblastoma
Borgenvik A, Holmberg K, Bolin S, Zhao M, Savov V, Rosén G, Hutter S, Garancher A, Suryo Rahmanto A, Bergström T, Olsen T, Mainwaring O, Sattanino D, Verbaan A, Rusert J, Sundstrom A, Ballester Bravo M, Dang Y, Wenz A, Richardson S, Fotaki G, Hill R, Dubuc A, Kalushkova A, Remke M, Cancer M, Jernberg-Wiklund H, Giraud G, Chen X, Taylor M, Sangfelt O, Clifford S, Schüller U, Wechsler-Reya R, Weishaupt H, Swartling F
CANCER RES. 2022;82(24):4586-4603.

Multiplexed mRNA analysis of brain-derived extracellular vesicles upon experimental stroke in mice reveals increased mRNA content with potential relevance to inflammation and recovery processes
Bub A, Brenna S, Alawi M, Kügler P, Gui Y, Kretz O, Altmeppen H, Magnus T, Puig B
CELL MOL LIFE SCI. 2022;79(6):329.

Tissue Microarray Analyses Suggest Axl as a Predictive Biomarker in HPV-Negative Head and Neck Cancer
Busch C, Hagel C, Becker B, Oetting A, Möckelmann N, Droste C, Möller-Koop C, Witt M, Blaurock M, Loges S, Rothkamm K, Betz C, Münscher A, Clauditz T, Rieckmann T
CANCERS. 2022;14(7):.

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 genomic and subgenomic RNA in retina and optic nerve of patients with COVID-19
Casagrande M, Fitzek A, Spitzer M, Püschel K, Glatzel M, Krasemann S, Aepfelbacher M, Nörz D, Lütgehetmann M, Pfefferle S, Spitzer M
BRIT J OPHTHALMOL. 2022;106(9):1313-1317.

Polymerogenic neuroserpin causes mitochondrial alterations and activates NFκB but not the UPR in a neuronal model of neurodegeneration FENIB
D'Acunto E, Gianfrancesco L, Serangeli I, D'Orsi M, Sabato V, Guadagno N, Bhosale G, Caristi S, Failla A, De Jaco A, Cacci E, Duchen M, Lupo G, Galliciotti G, Miranda E
CELL MOL LIFE SCI. 2022;79(8):437.

Primary central nervous system sarcoma with DICER1 mutation-treatment results of a novel molecular entity in pediatric Peruvian patients
Diaz Coronado R, Mynarek M, Koelsche C, Mora Alferez P, Casavilca Zambrano S, Wachtel Aptowitzer A, Sahm F, von Deimling A, Schüller U, Spohn M, Sturm D, Pfister S, Morales La Madrid A, Sernaque Quintana R, Sarria Bardales G, Negreiros Chinchihuara T, Ojeda Medina L, Garcia-Corrochano Medina P, Campos Sanchez D, Ponce Farfan J, Rutkowski S, Garcia Leon J
CANCER-AM CANCER SOC. 2022;128(4):697-707.

The Diagnostic Impact of Epigenomics in Pituicyte-derived Tumors: Report of an Unusual Sellar Lesion with Extensive Hemorrhage and Necrotic Debris
Dottermusch M, Rotermund R, Ricklefs F, Wefers A, Saeger W, Flitsch J, Glatzel M, Matschke J
ENDOCR PATHOL. 2022;33(3):411-413.

Spatial molecular profiling of a central nervous system low-grade diffusely infiltrative tumour with INI1 deficiency featuring a high-grade atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumour component
Dottermusch M, Schumann Y, Kordes U, Hasselblatt M, Neumann J
NEUROPATH APPL NEURO. 2022;48(3):e12777.

An H3F3A K27M-mutation in a sonic hedgehog medulloblastoma
Dottermusch M, Uksul N, Knappe U, Erdlenbruch B, Wefers A
BRAIN PATHOL. 2022;32(3):e13024.

Post-mortem histopathology of pituitary and adrenals of COVID-19 patients
Fitzek A, Gerling M, Püschel K, Saeger W
LEGAL MED-TOKYO. 2022;57:.

Human Borna disease virus 1 (BoDV-1) encephalitis cases in the north and east of Germany
Frank C, Wickel J, Brämer D, Matschke J, Ibe R, Gazivoda C, Günther A, Hartmann C, Rehn K, Cadar D, Mayer T, Pörtner K, Wilking H, Schmidt-Chanasit J, Tappe D
EMERG MICROBES INFEC. 2022;11(1):6-13.

Oral HRAS Mutation in Orofacial Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome (Schimmelpenning-Feuerstein-Mims-Syndrome): A Case Report With a Literature Survey
Friedrich R, Gosau M, Luebke A, Hagel C, Kohlrusch F, Hahn M, von Kroge S, Hahn J, Wieland I, Zenker M
IN VIVO. 2022;36(1):274-293.

ERBB2 and ERBB3 Growth Factor Receptors, Neuregulin-1, CD44 and Ki-67 Proliferation Index in Neurofibromatosis Type 1-associated Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors
Friedrich R, Nörnberg L, Hagel C
ANTICANCER RES. 2022;42(5):2327-2340.

Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors in Patients With Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Morphological and Immunohistochemical Study
Friedrich R, Nörnberg L, Hagel C
ANTICANCER RES. 2022;42(3):1247-1261.

Long-term Follow-up and Histological Correlation of Peripheral Nervous System Alterations in Neurofibromatosis Type 2
Godel T, Bäumer P, Farschtschi S, Püschel K, Hofstadler B, Heiland S, Gelderblom M, Bendszus M, Hagel C, Mautner V
CLIN NEURORADIOL. 2022;32(1):277-285.

Single-cell transcriptomics identifies potential cells of origin of MYC rhabdoid tumors
Graf M, Interlandi M, Moreno N, Holdhof D, Göbel C, Melcher V, Mertins J, Albert T, Kastrati D, Alfert A, Holsten T, de Faria F, Meisterernst M, Rossig C, Warmuth-Metz M, Nowak J, Meyer Zu Hörste G, Mayère C, Nef S, Johann P, Frühwald M, Dugas M, Schüller U, Kerl K
NAT COMMUN. 2022;13(1):.

Neuropathology of Neurocutaneous Disorders
Hagel C, Matschke J, Kuchelmeister K
2022. Neurocutaneous Disorders. Panteliadis C, Benjamin R, Hagel C (Hrsg.). 3. Aufl. Zürich: Springer International Publishing, 53-80.

Encephalocraniocutaneous Lipomatosis (Haberland Syndrome)
Hagel C, Panteliadis C
2022. Neurocutaneous Disorders. Panteliadis C, Benjamin R, Hagel C (Hrsg.). 3. Aufl. Zürich: Springer International Publishing, 215-219.

LEOPARD Syndrome (Multiple Lentigines; Lentiginosis Profusa
Hagel C, Panteliadis C
2022. Neurocutaneous Disorders. Panteliadis C, Benjamin R, Hagel C (Hrsg.). 3. Aufl. Zürich: Springer International Publishing, 221-226.

MIDAS Syndrome (Microphthalmia with Linear Skin Defects)
Hagel C, Panteliadis C
2022. Neurocutaneous Disorders. Panteliadis C, Benjamin R, Hagel C (Hrsg.). 3. Aufl. Zürich: Springer International Publishing, 227-230.

Lipoid Proteinosis (Urbach-Wiethe Syndrome)
2022. Neurocutaneous Disorders. Panteliadis C, Benjamin R, Hagel C (Hrsg.). 3. Aufl. Zürich: Springer International Publishing, 425-428.

Oral-Facial-Digital Syndrome
2022. Neurocutaneous Disorders. Panteliadis C, Benjamin R, Hagel C (Hrsg.). 3. Aufl. Zürich: Springer International Publishing, 235-238.

Refining M1 stage in medulloblastoma: criteria for cerebrospinal fluid cytology and implications for improved risk stratification from the HIT-2000 trial
Hagel C, Sloman V, Mynarek M, Petrasch K, Obrecht D, Kühl J, Deinlein F, Schmid R, von Bueren A, Friedrich C, Juhnke B, Gerber N, Kwiecien R, Girschick H, Höller A, Zapf A, von Hoff K, Rutkowski S
EUR J CANCER. 2022;164:30-38.

Ja, vom Lebensretter zur Gefahr – „Out of position“ macht den Unterschied
Hahn M, Dreimann M, Matschke J, Lohner L, Püschel K
RECHTSMEDIZIN. 2022;32(5):410-411.

Low-grade diffusely infiltrative tumour (LGDIT), SMARCB1-mutant: A clinical and histopathological distinct entity showing epigenetic similarity with ATRT-MYC
Hasselblatt M, Thomas C, Federico A, Bens S, Hellström M, Casar-Borota O, Kordes U, Neumann J, Dottermusch M, Rodriguez F, Lo A, Cheng S, Hendson G, Hukin J, Hartmann C, Koch A, Capper D, Siebert R, Paulus W, Nemes K, Johann P, Frühwald M, Kool M
NEUROPATH APPL NEURO. 2022;48(4):e12797.

SMARCB1-deficient and SMARCA4-deficient Malignant Brain Tumors With Complex Copy Number Alterations and TP53 Mutations May Represent the First Clinical Manifestation of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
Hasselblatt M, Thomas C, Federico A, Nemes K, Johann P, Bison B, Bens S, Dahlum S, Kordes U, Redlich A, Lessel L, Pajtler K, Mawrin C, Schüller U, Nolte K, Kramm C, Hinz F, Sahm F, Giannini C, Penkert J, Kratz C, Pfister S, Siebert R, Paulus W, Kool M, Frühwald M
AM J SURG PATHOL. 2022;46(9):1277-1283.

Four-wheel-drive immune protection
Heinrich F, Krasemann S
SIGNAL TRANSDUCT TAR. 2022;7(1):337.

Dying of VOC-202012/01 - multimodal investigations in a death case of the SARS-CoV-2 variant
Heinrich F, Romich C, Zimmermann T, Kniep I, Fitzek A, Steurer S, Glatzel M, Nörz D, Günther T, Czech-Sioli M, Fischer N, Grundhoff A, Lütgehetmann M, Ondruschka B
INT J LEGAL MED. 2022;136(1):193-202.

Autosomal dominantly inherited myopathy likely caused by the TNNT1 variant p.(Asp65Ala)
Holling T, Lisfeld J, Johannsen J, Matschke J, Song F, Altmeppen H, Kutsche K
HUM MUTAT. 2022;43(9):1224-1233.

Akkreditierung in der Pathologie und Neuropathologie: Wege und Pitfalls
Holl-Ulrich K, Hagel C, Köhler G, Flechtenmacher C
PATHOLOGIE. 2022;43(5):338-345.

ALK inhibition as a salvage therapy for a relapsed unclassifiable sarcomatous CNS tumor with EML4/ALK fusion in an infant
Holsten T, Bronsema A, Sturm D, Sahm F, Rutkowski S, Ulrich S, Wößmann W, Kordes U

Organ manifestations of COVID-19: what have we learned so far (not only) from autopsies?
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Treatment of embryonal tumors with multilayered rosettes with carboplatin/etoposide induction and high-dose chemotherapy within the prospective P-HIT trial
Juhnke B, Gessi M, Gerber N, Friedrich C, Mynarek M, von Bueren A, Haberler C, Schüller U, Kortmann R, Timmermann B, Bison B, Warmuth-Metz M, Kwiecien R, Pfister S, Spix C, Pietsch T, Kool M, Rutkowski S, von Hoff K
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DNA methylation-based classification of sinonasal tumors
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NAT COMMUN. 2022;13(1):.

Assessing and improving the validity of COVID-19 autopsy studies - A multicentre approach to establish essential standards for immunohistochemical and ultrastructural analyses
Krasemann S, Dittmayer C, von Stillfried S, Meinhardt J, Heinrich F, Hartmann K, Pfefferle S, Thies E, von Manitius R, Aschman T, Radke J, Osterloh A, Schmid S, Buhl E, Ihlow J, Dubois F, Arnhold V, Elezkurtaj S, Horst D, Hocke A, Timm S, Bachmann S, Corman V, Goebel H, Matschke J, Stanelle-Bertram S, Gabriel G, Seilhean D, Adle-Biassette H, Ondruschka B, Ochs M, Stenzel W, Heppner F, Boor P, Radbruch H, Laue M, Glatzel M

Response to: SARS-CoV-2 and type I interferon signaling in brain endothelial cells: Blurring the lines between friend or foe
Krasemann S, Glatzel M, Pless O
STEM CELL REP. 2022;17(5):1014-1015.

The blood-brain barrier is dysregulated in COVID-19 and serves as a CNS entry route for SARS-CoV-2
Krasemann S, Haferkamp U, Pfefferle S, Woo M, Heinrich F, Schweizer M, Appelt-Menzel A, Cubukova A, Barenberg J, Leu J, Hartmann K, Thies E, Littau J, Sepulveda-Falla D, Zhang L, Ton K, Liang Y, Matschke J, Ricklefs F, Sauvigny T, Sperhake J, Fitzek A, Gerhartl A, Brachner A, Geiger N, König E, Bodem J, Franzenburg S, Franke A, Moese S, Müller F, Geisslinger G, Claussen C, Kannt A, Zaliani A, Gribbon P, Ondruschka B, Neuhaus W, Friese M, Glatzel M, Pless O
STEM CELL REP. 2022;17(2):307-320.

Long-term survival of an adolescent glioblastoma patient under treatment with vinblastine and valproic acid illustrates importance of methylation profiling
Kresbach C, Bronsema A, Guerreiro H, Rutkowski S, Schüller U, Winkler B
CHILD NERV SYST. 2022;38(2):479-483.

Updates in the classification of ependymal neoplasms: The 2021 WHO Classification and beyond
Kresbach C, Neyazi S, Schüller U
BRAIN PATHOL. 2022;32(4):.

MODL-03. Establishment of intraventricular Shh inhibition as a therapeutic option for young patients with medulloblastoma
Kresbach C, Schoof M, Holst L, Leven T, Yorgan T, Wrzeszcz A, Rutkowski S, Schüller U
NEURO-ONCOLOGY. 2022;24(S1):i168.

Clinical outcomes, Kadish-INSICA staging and therapeutic targeting of somatostatin receptor 2 in olfactory neuroblastoma
Lechner M, Takahashi Y, Turri-Zanoni M, Liu J, Counsell N, Hermsen M, Kaur R, Zhao T, Ramanathan M, Schartinger V, Emanuel O, Helman S, Varghese J, Dudas J, Riechelmann H, Sprung S, Haybaeck J, Howard D, Engel N, Stewart S, Brooks L, Pickles J, Jacques T, Fenton T, Williams L, Vaz F, O'Flynn P, Stimpson P, Wang S, Hannan S, Unadkat S, Hughes J, Dwivedi R, Forde C, Randhawa P, Gane S, Joseph J, Andrews P, Royle G, Franchi A, Maragliano R, Battocchio S, Bewicke-Copley H, Pipinikas C, Webster A, Thirlwell C, Ho D, Teschendorff A, Zhu T, Steele C, Pillay N, Vanhaesebroeck B, Mohyeldin A, Fernandez-Miranda J, Park K, Le Q, West R, Saade R, Manes R, Omay S, Vining E, Judson B, Yarbrough W, Sansovini M, Silvia N, Grassi I, Bongiovanni A, Capper D, Schüller U, Thavaraj S, Sandison A, Surda P, Hopkins C, Ferrari M, Mattavelli D, Rampinelli V, Facchetti F, Nicolai P, Bossi P, Henriquez O, Magliocca K, Solares C, Wise S, Llorente J, Patel Z, Nayak J, Hwang P, Lacy P, Woods R, O'Neill J, Jay A, Carnell D, Forster M, Ishii M, London N, Bell D, Gallia G, Castelnuovo P, Severi S, Lund V, Hanna E
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Machine Learning Models Predict the Primary Sites of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Metastases Based on DNA Methylation
Leitheiser M, Capper D, Seegerer P, Lehmann A, Schüller U, Müller K, Klauschen F, Jurmeister P, Michael B
J PATHOL. 2022;256(4):378-387.

Disruption of GMNC-MCIDAS multiciliogenesis program is critical in choroid plexus carcinoma development
Li Q, Han Z, Singh N, Terré B, Fame R, Arif U, Page T, Zahran T, Abdeltawab A, Huang Y, Cao P, Wang J, Lu H, Lidov H, Surendran K, Wu L, Virga J, Zhao Y, Ulrich S, Wechsler-Reya R, Lehtinen M, Roy S, Liu Z, Stracker T, Zhao H
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Evidence of beta amyloid independent small vessel disease in familial Alzheimer's disease
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Meprin β knockout reduces brain Aβ levels and rescues learning and memory impairments in the APP/lon mouse model for Alzheimer's disease
Marengo L, Armbrust F, Schoenherr C, Storck S, Schmitt U, Zampar S, Wirths O, Altmeppen H, Glatzel M, Kaether C, Weggen S, Becker-Pauly C, Pietrzik C
CELL MOL LIFE SCI. 2022;79(3):.

Apolipoprotein E4 impairs the response of neurodegenerative retinal microglia and prevents neuronal loss in glaucoma
Margeta M, Yin Z, Madore C, Pitts K, Letcher S, Tang J, Jiang S, Gauthier C, Silveira S, Schroeder C, Lad E, Proia A, Tanzi R, Holtzman D, Krasemann S, Chen D, Butovsky O
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NeuroCOVID: Insights into Neuroinvasion and Pathophysiology
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Young COVID-19 Patients Show a Higher Degree of Microglial Activation When Compared to Controls
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FRONT NEUROL. 2022;13:.

A new amplicon-based gene panel for next generation sequencing characterization of meningiomas
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Brain Pathology moves to open access
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