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local protein processing and prcessing
Dendritic microsecretory systems

The Leibniz Group 'Dendritic organelles and Synaptic Function' aims to learn more about the contribution of dendritic microsecretory systems to synaptic processes and plasticity. In recent years it has become apparent that a satellite microsecretory system might exist in neuronal processes that allows for local synthesis and processing of synaptic transmembrane proteins. In previous work we have shown the presence of a widespread ER-ERGIC-Golgi satellite-retromer microsecretory system in all dendrites of pyramidal neurons through which a broad spectrum of synaptic transmembrane proteins might pass and even recycle (Mikhaylova et al., A dendritic Golgi satellite in between ERGIC and retromer, Cell Reports). We currently study which proteins pass through this system, characterize the organelles involved and try to address the functional implications of autonomous local control of protein processing and recycling. We are also trying to address how dendritic organelles are assembled and the impact of neuronal activity on their function. Our methodological approach includes a broad spectrum of cell biological and biochemical techniques including live-cell imaging, super-resolution microscopy, protein and organelle purification and others.

For further information about the work of the Leibniz Group see also the webpage of the Research Group Neuroplasticity at the LIN ( http://www.kreutzlab.com/index.html ) with whom we work closely together.