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The dream to become a midwife: a qualitative study on students‘ motivation to study midwifery
Groene O, Mielke I, Vogel D, Knorr M
Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft. 2024 [Epub ahead of print].

The effects of language proficiency and awareness of time limit in animated vs. text-based situational judgment tests
Rabe M, Groene O, von Bernstorff C, Knorr M
BMC MED EDUC. 2024;2024(24):.


Reliability and validity of new online selection tests for midwifery students
Groene O, Knorr M, Vogel D, Hild C, Hampe W
MIDWIFERY. 2022;106:.

Associations between communication OSCE performance and admission interviews in medical education
Groene O, Mielke I, Knorr M, Ehrhardt M, Bergelt C
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2022;105(7):2270 - 2275.

Assessing distinguishable social skills in medical admission: does construct-driven development solve validity issues of situational judgment tests?
Mielke I, Breil S, Amelung D, Espe L, Knorr M
BMC MED EDUC. 2022;22(1):293.


Exploring sociodemographic subgroup differences in multiple mini-interview (MMI) performance based on MMI station type and the implications for the predictive fairness of the Hamburg MMI
Knorr M, Meyer H, Sehner S, Hampe W, Zimmermann S
BMC MED EDUC. 2019;19(1):243.


Validity evidence for the Hamburg multiple mini-interview
Knorr M, Schwibbe A, Ehrhardt M, Lackamp J, Zimmermann S, Hampe W
BMC MED EDUC. 2018;18(1):106.

Medizinstudierendenauswahl in Deutschland: Messung kognitiver Fähigkeiten und psychosozialer Kompetenzen
Schwibbe A, Lackamp J, Knorr M, Hissbach J, Kadmon M, Hampe W
BUNDESGESUNDHEITSBLA. 2018;61(2):178-186.


The trouble with validity: what is part of it and what is not?
Knorr M, Klusmann D
MED EDUC. 2015;49(6):550-2.


Multiple mini-interviews: same concept, different approaches
Knorr M, Hissbach J
MED EDUC. 2014;48(12):1157-1175.

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