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M. Sc.
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The dream to become a midwife: a qualitative study on students‘ motivation to study midwifery
Groene O, Mielke I, Vogel D, Knorr M
Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft. 2024 [Epub ahead of print].


Daily dynamics of grandiose narcissism: distribution, stability, and trait relations of admiration and rivalry states and state contingencies
Mota S, Mielke I, Kroencke L, Geukes K, Nestler S, Back M
EUR J PERSONALITY. 2023;37(2):207-222.


Predicting Actual Social Skill Expression from Personality and Skill Self-Concepts
Breil S, Mielke I, Ahrens H, Geldmacher T, Sensmeier J, Marschall B, Back M
J INTELL-BASEL. 2022;10(3):.

Associations between communication OSCE performance and admission interviews in medical education
Groene O, Mielke I, Knorr M, Ehrhardt M, Bergelt C
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2022;105(7):2270 - 2275.

Assessing distinguishable social skills in medical admission: does construct-driven development solve validity issues of situational judgment tests?
Mielke I, Breil S, Amelung D, Espe L, Knorr M
BMC MED EDUC. 2022;22(1):293.


Do Narcissists Self-Enhance? Disentangling the Associations Between Narcissism and Positive Versus Enhanced Self-Views Across Aspects of Narcissism, Content Domains, and Comparison Criteria
Mielke I, Humberg S, Leckelt M, Geukes K, Back M
SOC PSYCHOL PERS SCI. 2021;12(5):580-592.

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