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In vivo characterization of laser-assisted delivery of hyaluronic acid using multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging
Nguyen L, Mess C, Schneider S, Huck V, Herberger K
EXP DERMATOL. 2023;32(12):2131-2137.

Impact of neutrophil extracellular traps on fluid properties, blood flow and complement activation
Burmeister A, Vidal-Y-Sy S, Liu X, Mess C, Wang Y, Konwar S, Tschongov T, Häffner K, Huck V, Schneider S, Gorzelanny C
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2022;13:.

Gain-of-function variant p.Pro2555Arg of von Willebrand factor increases aggregate size through altering stem dynamics
Huck V, Chen P, Xu E, Tischer A, Klemm U, Aponte-Santamaría C, Mess C, Obser T, Kutzki F, König G, Denis C, Gräter F, Wilmanns M, Auton M, Schneider S, Schneppenheim R, Hennig J, Brehm M
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In vivo visualisation of tattoo particles using multiphoton tomography and fluorescence lifetime imaging
Nguyen L, Mess C, Schneider S, Huck V, Herberger K
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Biological and psychosocial factors associated with the persistence of pruritus symptoms: protocol for a prospective, exploratory observational study in Germany (individual project of the Interdisciplinary SOMACROSS Research Unit [RU 5211])
Schneider G, Ständer S, Kahnert S, Pereira M, Mess C, Huck V, Agelopoulos K, Frank G, Schneider S
BMJ OPEN. 2022;12(7):.

Public administration research in and about the MENA region—Taking stock, looking ahead
Schomaker R, Huck V
Administrative Theory & Praxis. 2022;44(4):321-339.

Skin Barriers in Dermal Drug Delivery: Which Barriers Have to Be Overcome and How Can We Measure Them?
Gorzelanny C, Mess C, Schneider S, Huck V, Brandner J
PHARMACEUTICS. 2020;12(7):.

DNA binds to a specific site of the adhesive blood-protein von Willebrand factor guided by electrostatic interactions
Sandoval-Pérez A, Berger R, Garaizar A, Farr S, Brehm M, König G, Schneider S, Collepardo-Guevara R, Huck V, Rädler J, Aponte-Santamaría C
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Platelet adhesion and aggregate formation controlled by immobilised and soluble VWF
Schneider M, Fallah M, Mess C, Obser T, Schneppenheim R, Alexander-Katz A, Schneider S, Huck V
BMC MOL CELL BIOL. 2020;21(1):64.

The von Willebrand factor Tyr2561 allele is a gain-of-function variant and a risk factor for early myocardial infarction
Schneppenheim R, Hellermann N, Brehm M, Klemm U, Obser T, Huck V, Schneider S, Denis C, Tischer A, Auton M, März W, Xu E, Wilmanns M, Zotz R
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Multiphotonic staging of chronic wounds and evaluation of sterile, optical transparent bacterial nanocellulose covering: A diagnostic window into human skin
Springer S, Zieger M, Hipler U, Lademann J, Albrecht V, Bueckle R, Meß C, Kaatz M, Huck V
SKIN RES TECHNOL. 2019;25(1):68-78.

Bedside assessment of multiphoton tomography: From skin cell morphology via fluorescence lifetime imaging to clinical pathophysiology
Meß C, Huck V
2018. Multiphoton Microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging. König K (Hrsg.). 1. Aufl. De Gruyter, 425-444.

Human mesenchymal stromal cells inhibit platelet activation and aggregation involving CD73-converted adenosine
Netsch P, Elvers-Hornung S, Uhlig S, Klüter H, Huck V, Kirschhöfer F, Brenner-Weiß G, Janetzko K, Solz H, Wuchter P, Bugert P, Bieback K
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Cellular stress induces erythrocyte assembly on intravascular von Willebrand factor strings and promotes microangiopathy
Nicolay J, Thorn V, Daniel C, Amann K, Siraskar B, Lang F, Hillgruber C, Goerge T, Hoffmann S, Gorzelanny C, Huck V, Mess C, Obser T, Schneppenheim R, Fleming I, Schneider M, Schneider S
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From morphology to clinical pathophysiology: multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging at patients' bedside
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Margination and stretching of von Willebrand factor in the blood stream enable adhesion
Rack K, Huck V, Hoore M, Fedosov D, Schneider S, Gompper G
SCI REP-UK. 2017;7(1):14278.

Monocyte Induction of E-Selectin-Mediated Endothelial Activation Releases VE-Cadherin Junctions to Promote Tumor Cell Extravasation in the Metastasis Cascade
Häuselmann I, Roblek M, Protsyuk D, Huck V, Knopfova L, Grässle S, Bauer A, Schneider S, Borsig L
CANCER RES. 2016;76(18):5302-12.

From morphology to biochemical state - intravital multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging of inflamed human skin
Huck V, Gorzelanny C, Thomas K, Getova V, Niemeyer V, Zens K, Unnerstall T, Feger J, Fallah M, Metze D, Ständer S, Luger T, Koenig K, Mess C, Schneider S
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Force-sensitive autoinhibition of the von Willebrand factor is mediated by interdomain interactions
Aponte-Santamaria C, Huck V, Posch S, Bronowska A, Grässle S, Brehm M, Obser T, Schneppenheim R, Hinterdorfer P, Schneider S, Baldauf C, Grater F
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Monitoring wound healing by multiphoton tomography/endoscopy
König K, Weinigel M, Bückle R, Kaatz M, Hipler C, Zens K, Schneider S, Huck V
Proc. SPIE. 2015;9303:93030F-93030F-6.

Mechanism and functional impact of CD40 ligand-induced von Willebrand factor release from endothelial cells
Möller K, Adolph O, Grunow J, Elrod J, Popa M, Ghosh S, Schwarz M, Schwale C, Grässle S, Huck V, Bruehl C, Wieland T, Schneider S, Nobiling R, Wagner A, Hecker M
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von Willebrand disease type 2A phenotypes IIC, IID and IIE: A day in the life of shear-stressed mutant von Willebrand factor
Brehm M, Huck V, Aponte-Santamaría C, Obser T, Grässle S, Oyen F, Budde U, Schneppenheim S, Baldauf C, Gräter F, Schneider S, Schneppenheim R
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The various states of von Willebrand factor and their function in physiology and pathophysiology
Huck V, Schneider M, Gorzelanny C, Schneider S
THROMB HAEMOSTASIS. 2014;111(4):598-609.

Desmoglein 2 depletion leads to increased migration and upregulation of the chemoattractant secretoneurin in melanoma cells
Peitsch W, Doerflinger Y, Fischer-Colbrie R, Huck V, Bauer A, Utikal J, Goerdt S, Schneider S
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(2):e89491.

Melanoma-derived IL-1 converts vascular endothelium to a proinflammatory and procoagulatory phenotype via NFkappaB activation
Strozyk E, Desch A, Poeppelmann B, Magnolo N, Wegener J, Huck V, Schneider S
EXP DERMATOL. 2014;23(9):670-6.

Blood-clotting-inspired reversible polymer-colloid composite assembly in flow
Chen H, Fallah M, Huck V, Angerer J, Reininger A, Schneider S, Schneider M, Alexander-Katz A
NAT COMMUN. 2013;4:1333.

Cultivation in human serum reduces adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cell adhesion to laminin and endothelium and reduces capillary entrapment
Dreher L, Elvers-Hornung S, Brinkmann I, Huck V, Henschler R, Gloe T, Kluter H, Bieback K
STEM CELLS DEV. 2013;22(5):791-803.

Circulating but not immobilized N-deglycosylated von Willebrand factor increases platelet adhesion under flow conditions
Fallah M, Huck V, Niemeyer V, Desch A, Angerer J, McKinnon T, Wixforth A, Schneider S, Schneider M
BIOMICROFLUIDICS. 2013;7(4):44124.

International Organizations and the Private Sector – Global Public-Private Partnerships for Global Public Goods? Ordnungspolitische Grundlagen, Perspektiven und Anwendungsbereiche
Huck V, Schomaker R
2013. Internationale Organisationen: Ordnungspolitische Grundlagen, Perspektiven und Anwendungsbereiche. Schriften zu Ordnungsfragen der Wirtschaft. Wentzel D (Hrsg.). Stuttgart: Lucius & Lucius, 233-253.

In vitro inhibition of SKOV-3 cell migration as a distinctive feature of progesterone receptor membrane component type 2 versus type 1
Albrecht C, Huck V, Wehling M, Wendler A
STEROIDS. 2012;77(14):1543-50.

Highly invasive melanoma cells activate the vascular endothelium via an MMP-2/integrin alphavbeta5-induced secretion of VEGF-A
Desch A, Strozyk E, Bauer A, Huck V, Niemeyer V, Wieland T, Schneider S
AM J PATHOL. 2012;181(2):693-705.

Development of a novel two-channel microfluidic system for biomedical applications in cancer research
Rajabi T, Huck V, Ahrens R, Apfel M, Kim S, Schneider S, Guber A
BIOMED ENG-BIOMED TE. 2012;57:921-922.

Intravital multiphoton tomography as an appropriate tool for non-invasive in vivo analysis of human skin affected with atopic dermatitis
Huck V, Gorzelanny C, Thomas K, Mess C, Dimitrova V, Schwarz M, Riemann I, Niemeyer V, Luger T, König K, Schneider S
Proc. SPIE. 2011;7883:78830R-78830R.

5D-intravital tomography as a novel tool for non-invasive in-vivo analysis of human skin
König K, Weinigel M, Breunig H, Gregory A, Fischer P, Kellner-Höfer M, Bückle R, Schwarz M, Riemann I, Stracke F, Huck V, Gorzelanny C, Schneider S
Proc. SPIE. 2010;7555:75551I-75551I.

Microfluidic reveals generation of platelet-strings on tumor-activated endothelium
Goerge T, Kleineruschkamp F, Barg A, Schnaeker E, Huck V, Schneider M, Steinhoff M, Schneider S
THROMB HAEMOSTASIS. 2007;98(2):283-6.

Delay of acute intracellular pH recovery after acidosis decreases endothelial cell activation
Huck V, Niemeyer A, Goerge T, Schnaeker E, Ossig R, Rogge P, Schneider M, Oberleithner H, Schneider S
J CELL PHYSIOL. 2007;211(2):399-409.

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