Internal Funding Opportunities

The Faculty of Medicine has developed several programs for the scientists at the UKE. On the one hand, this should enable young scientists to start an academic career; and on the other hand, provide higher-level research initiatives with additional resources.

Promotion of young talents at the UKE


The Research Promotion Fund of the Faculty of Medicine (FFM) allows for numerous programs to promote young scientists:

  • The Clinician Scientist Program focuses on young physicians who have undergone the first few years of residency training and who can prove a strong interest in research. Funding for the clinician scientists admitted into the program is provided for a period of three years. The funding recipients involved in the program receive 75 % of their financing from clinical budget (for the clinical part) and another 25% from the faculty.

    The Clinician Scientist Program, firstly, consists of the implementation of the clinician scientist’s own research project, which requires significant exemption from clinical obligations. Secondly, the program includes an accompanying training curriculum. The program also includes a compulsory mentoring, which should contain an equal balance of clinical resident and clinical research subjects.

    For further information please contact Dr. Katrin Klempahn

  • For (post)doctoral students from non-medical fields (eg. PhD program for non-physicians, including biology, chemistry, psychology, etc.) of the UKE, the dean's office tenders staff positions (value E13) with a maturity of max. one year. These transition fundings, following the doctoral thesis (post doc positions), are addressed to highly qualified graduate students who are in the last third of the doctoral project or who have already submitted the dissertation.
    The aim of this program is to support young researchers in preparing an external funding request and support the publication of further project results.
    The full tender with hints how to apply can be found here.

    Applicants undergo a two-stage selection process. First, the proposals are examined by the
    Faculty of Medicine; scientists whose applications are evaluated positively will be invited as a second step to a colloquium.

    The programme is currently being evaluated and will not be announced this year.

    For questions on this scheme, please contact Dr. Katrin Klempahn from the Vice-Deanery for research.

  • The Faculty of Medicine offers young scientists the opportunity to gain experience in the independent handling of research projects within the scope of a thematically and time-limited funding. With a total of up to 60,000 euros, the Medical Faculty supports research project proposals, selected in a competitive, expert-based procedure.

    It is expected that, following this initial funding, the results of the research work are published and researchers are able to apply for subsequent external funding.

    For further information please contact Dr. Anne Wulf

  • The Faculty of Medicine is committed to the promotion of women with the aim of equal representation at all levels of education and employment. An anchored in the women's advancement plan of the Medical Faculty measure is the provision of balancing authorities if a woman has successfully habilitated.

    On application, the institution at which the woman has not given her habilitation services, provided a ½ point for a scientist for a period of 18 months. This site is intended to enable the next woman the further academic qualification. The application must be made within six months after successful completion of the habilitation procedure, the place to be occupied in a timely manner in order to ensure continuity of funding female scientists.

    For further information please contact the Equal Opportunities Office.

  • In order to strengthen the University of Hamburg Medical Center's international network, the Faculty of Medicine's committee of specialists has announced the provision of a number of travel scholarships for UKE research staff. These scholarships are funded by the Dean's Office and have been created to assist researchers to develop joint research projects with international institutions

    Researchers with joint projects with non-European institutions will be eligible to apply for up to €2000 and projects with institutions from European countries will be eligible to apply for up to €1000. UKE researchers should be in paid employment by the UKE for the duration of their travel.

    Scholarships will be awarded with the aim to foster the development of joint research collaborations between the UKE and international research institutions.

Allowance in kind at the UKE


In addition to developing and promoting young scientists, the Medical Faculty funds allowance in kind. Applications for funding in kind must be in written form and should be addressed to the dean's office.
The following programs are currently offerred through the resources of the faculty:

  • The resources available for "initial funding research" are mainly used for preparations of collaborative research projects, such as those funded by the DFG, EU, BMBF, or the city of Hamburg. Research projects allowed for funding should be embedded in the key research areas or potential areas of the UKE. As part of the initial funding either costs for personnel or equipment / consumables can be covered.
    The formless application, directed to the dean's office attn: Dr. Kirsten Hennings, should provide information about the research project, giving the concept of this project and all the requested personel and material costs.

    For more information on this funding the respective guidelines can be downloaded from the intranet area.

  • With the complementary funding for research investments the Vice-deanery for research offers a grant for research equipment, which was applied for in the framework of a positive evaluated peer-reviewed project (such as DFG, BMBF, EU, etc.), but has not been approved by the sponsoring body.
    The aim of this grant is to enhance the quality and variety of research facilities. The device, whose acquisition is desired, must meet one of the following characterizations. It should either be explicitly mentioned in the project application but was clearly declared to be part of the basic configuration of the lab. Or the requested device has a new technical development, which is crucial for the work within the project but it was not available before the initial application.

    An application for complementary research funding must be submitted within the first third of the authorized duration of the project. Applications for which the license is older can not be considered by the deanery.
    In the event of approval by the Dean's Office ordering of the requested and granted device must take place no later than 8 weeks after receipt of the award letter, otherwise the authorization will be annulled and the funds are used for other purposes.

    Information on the required documents that must be submitted along with an informal application to the Dean's Office can be found in the intranet area and are available for download.

    Dr. rer. nat.
    Anne Wulf
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    • Core Facilities manager


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