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ForEx Gutachten was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and offers expert medical appraisal services.

ForEx Gutachten provides medical appraisers from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf who are able to give expert medical opinions on a wide variety of specialist areas, as selected by the judiciary, insurance companies or occupational insurance associations. In certain cases we will also provide experts from outside of the UKE.

ForEx Gutachten also specializes in the compilation of expert assessments regarding forensics. This includes:

  • Examination of victims of physical violence in the Hamburg area, particularly of children, with the aim of compiling a report that can be presented to a court.
  • Determining the cause of death, with or without autopsy, using modern imaging techniques if necessary.
  • External autopsy e.g. at a crematorium to carry out the legally stipulated second autopsy before cremation.
  • Evidence collection at the request of the police.
  • Forensic examination to determine the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or medication following a traffic accident; specialist medical examination to determine fitness to drive.

We also offer courses in forensics and consulting.