Your room in the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)!

You will be accommodated comfortably in every ward. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet. You will also be offered a single bed room or a two bed room. In addition, there will be a special patient terminal at your disposal. By using this terminal, you will have access to numerous multimedia offers, such as internet, radio and TV.

Room Facilities in the Main Building

Room Facilities in the Main Building
Room Facilities in the Main Building

Room Facilities in the Main Building
Bathroom Facilities in the Main Building

Bathroom Facilities in the Main Building

Room Facilities

  • Patient Terminal
    Patient Terminal

    How do you operate the patient terminal

    Most rooms in the UKE are equipped with a special multimedia device which is called patient terminal. This device will make it easy for you to watch TV from the bed, make phone calls, surf the internet, write e-mails, listen to the radio and to access information for patients. On registration in the UKE, you will receive a special PIN to operate your patient terminal.

    You will find the multimedia device next to the bedside table at your bedside. Please use the touch screen to select the desired function.

    Do you have questions? If so, please press the green help button on your telephone device.

  • TV and Radioprogramm on the patient terminal
    TV and Radioprogramm on the Patient Terminal

    TV and radio

    By means of your patient terminal, you will be able to have access to a wide range of private and public service broadcasting TV and radio programs. If possible, please use headphones when listening to the radio or watching TV in order to prevent disturbing other patients. You will find the headphone jack on the back of the patient terminal. If you have not headphones of your one, you will be able to buy low-priced ones in our "Shop2go“ kiosk on the Patient Boulevard on the second upper floor (O10).

  • Internet and e-mail

    Using the personal terminal, you will also be able to surf the internet and write e-mails. If you use the internet very frequently, we recommend you to use an external keyboard. This keyboard can be easily connected with the patient terminal. If you want to learn how this works, please watch the corresponding information video on your terminal. You will have the opportunity to buy a keyboard with integrated touchpad and USB connector in our "Shop2go" kiosk on the Patient Boulevard on the second upper floor (O10).

    If you have a smart phone or laptop, you will also be able to surf the internet at any time. Just use the wireless network ″uke-guest“. Only three steps will be necessary to go online:

    • 1. Switch on your mobile device, and connect it with the wireless signal ″uke-guest”.
    • 2. Then, start the browser (e. g. Internet Explorer or Firefox). The Swisscom starting page will be opened up automatically.
    • 3. Select a time period from the starting page, and pay conveniently by credit card or voucher. You can purchase vouchers in our ″Shop2go“ kiosk (O10, 2nd upper floor).

  • Information videos

    You can watch various information videos on your terminal. The short videos will depict for example the functionalities of your patient terminal, facilitate your orientation on the UKE premises, inform you on your inpatient hospital stay and give you an overview of our service offers.

  • Telephone and costs

    Using your patient terminal, you will be able to make phone calls throughout Germany. Unfortunately, you will not be able make any international calls. Your telephone number during your stay in the UKE will be printed on the patient terminal card. Simply insert the card into the slot at the bottom of the screen of your patient terminal, and pick up the receiver. Your telephone number will immediately pop up on the screen. This telephone number will be valid during your entire hospital stay.

    In the event of a fault, please touch the button “helpdesk-Anruf” (“helpdesk-call”) on your screen.

  • Use of cell phone

    The use of cell phones is permitted on the entire UKE premises.

  • Valuables

    Please note that the UKE will assume no reliability with respect to clothes, jewelry, cash and other valuables. Therefore, it is in your own interest to have your relatives take home all items you can do without.

  • Items of higher value and deposit of cash

    In exceptional cases, you may deposit items of higher value you brought along against receipt at the patient information at the main entrance. You can deposit large amounts of cash at the Haspa Bank branch on the 2nd upper floor in the New Medical Center (O10). The staff in your ward will be glad to further assist you, if you need help to handle this.

  • Safe

    You will find a safe in your closet in the New Medical Center (O10) where you can store smaller valuables. As a precaution, please do not keep cash or other valuables in the drawer of your bedside table.

  • Lockers

    There are lockers which you can operate with 1.00 EURO coins on the first floor in the New Medical Center. They are installed on the rear wall of the blue reception counter in the main building.

  • Lost property

    Please contact the main reception (main access at the corner Martinistraße/Curschmannstraße – Martini Street/Curschmann Street), if you have lost or found an object of value on the UKE premises. All lost and found items are stored there.