Interested in joining?

Our lab is looking for motivated and creative people.

Positions for postdocs, master/diploma students or technical assistants are available on an ad-hoc basis only. Potential postdocs should arrange to have three letters of references sent.
Please, contact us directly. Email Marlovits Lab

Positions for graduate students and summer students are announced at VBC PhD program
and VBC Summer school .
Please, check out the individual programmes, and submit your application at these sites. Information and general inquiries should be addressed to: Ines Crisostomo

Visiting Professor/Sabbatical. Please, contact us directly. Email Marlovits Lab

Internships / Bachelor- and Master-Thesis

Interested students may apply for a multi-month internship in out research group. In Addition, students may join us to perform the practical part of their bachelor- or master-thesis.

Our projects require a comprehensive spectrum of methods. Depending on the chosen project, students may learn these methods from expert users and later perform them independently in course of their practical work.

  • Heterologous gene expression
  • In-vitro protein synthesis
  • Extraction of recombinant proteins
  • Extraction of protein complexes from bacteria
  • Purification of (membrane) protein complexes via liquid chromatography (LC)
    • Affinity methods
    • Size exclusion chromatography
    • Ion-exchange chromatography
  • Biophysical characterization of proteins and protein complexes
    • Thermoflluor buffer optimization and protein stabilization assays
    • Mass spectroscopy (MS)
    • CD, DLS, etc.
  • Interaction studies and enzymatic tests
  • Protein crystallography
    • Setup and evaluation of crystallization plates
    • Optimization of conditions
    • Screening of potential crystals and measurements at the DESY Synchrotrom (PETRA III) in Hamburg
  • Electron microscopy (EM)
    • Negative stain EM
    • EM tomography
    • Cryo-EM single particle reconstruction
  • Bioinformatics
    • Ab-initio modelling of protein (complexes)
    • 3D particle reconstruction
    • Software optimization for EM data collection and processing