Equipment at the Institute of Biochemistry and Signal Transduction

On this page we would like to inform you about the technical equipment of our institute.

We are dedicated to sharing our expertise and equipment. Please direct your requests to the secretariate of the institute (Kerstin Schluenz, ).


Analytical InstrumentsProtein and Sample PreparationCell Handling and Processing
Analytical HPLCFPLC SystemsMammalian Cell Culture
Mass SpectrometryLiquid Handling StationCell Electroporation
Light SpectroscopyMass Spectrometry Sample PreparationShaking Incubators
Multi-mode Plate ReaderLyophilization and Vacuum ConcentrationFermentation
Imaging Systems Cell Disruption
Real-time quantitative PCR Superspeed and Ultracentrifugation

Analytical Instruments

Analytical HPLC

Analytical HPLC

Prominence UFPLC

Components / Specifications:
Binary gradient pump (up to 400 bar)
UV-Vis and Fluorescence Detector

Protein binding studies via analytical Size Exclusion Chromatography (aSEC)
Nucleotide analysis and quantification (Ion-pairing RP-chromatography)
Reversed-Phase (RP-) Chromatography of proteins and peptides

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

amaZon speed LCMS
Bruker Daltonik

Type: 3D-Trap (Paul-Trap)
Detection range: m/z 50-3000 and m/z 200-6000
Resolution scan: 52,000 u/sec at 0.58 u FWHM
Electro Spray Ionization (Apollo II ESI-Source)
MS/MS-Mode: Fragmentation via CID
Coupled LC: Ultimate 3000 UHPLC (Thermo)

Selected Applications:
Detection of small proteins (up to 50 kDa)
Bottom-Up Proteomics via MS/MS-Analysis of peptides
Structure determination of organic compounds/metabolites


Bruker Daltonik

Type: Ultra-High Resolution UHR-Q-TOF Analyzer
Quadrupole Isolation: up to 3000 m/z
Detection range: 50-40000 m/z
Full Sensitivity Resolution: 80,000 FSR
Electro Spray Ionization (ESI + NanoESI Source incl. NanoBooster dopant delivery)
MS/MS-Mode: Fragmentation via CID+ETD (parallel in the same run)
Coupled LC: Elute UHPLC (Bruker)

Selected Applications:
Mass determination of large intact proteins (up to 200 kDa)
Protein sequencing via Top-Down Mass Spectrometry of intact proteins
Mass Spectrometry of native proteins
Quantification or structure elucidation of organic compounds and metabolites (in DDA or DIA mode)

Light Spectroscopy

Fluorescence Spectrometer FP-8300

Fluorescence Spectrometer FP-8300

Cuvette based device
Monochromators: 200 - 900 nm (Ex. and Em.)
Sensitivity: >8000:1 (RMS)
- Polarization filters for UV-Vis range
- Temperature-controlled single cell holder
- Magnetic stirrer
- A diverse set of quartz cuvettes

Selected Applications:
Fluorescence Intensity-based enzyme and substrate kinetics (FI)
Anisotropy-based binding studies via fluorescence polarization (FP)

Lambda 20

UV-Vis Spectrometer Lambda20

Cuvette based dual-beam device
Monochromators: 200 - 800 nm
- Single and multiple cell holders
- Temperature control (external)
- A diverse set of quartz cuvettes

Time-resolved enzyme and substrate kinetics
Enzyme coupled assays
Absorption spectrum scanning

Multi-mode Plate Reader

Multi-mode Plate Reader


Readout from 1well to 1536 well ANSI/SBS Plates
Temperature control: 18-45°C (long term stable)
Dual Optics: Filters and Monochromators
Measure Modes:
- Absorption UV-Vis: 200 – 1000 nm (Ex. and Em.)
- Fluorescence (FP + FI bottom and top; TRF; FRET)
- Luminescence – glow, flash, multicolor, and spectra
- Injectors – two channels min. 5 µL
- Automated lid lifter
- IR-Laser for ALPHA Technology
- Microscope: Bright Field Optics
- NanoQuant Plate / Humidity Chamber / Cell Chip adapter
- Absorbance cuvette port

Selected Applications:
Enzyme kinetic studies via optical readouts (e.g. Fluorescence Intensity; FI)
Anisotropy based binding studies via fluorescence polarization (FP)
24well cultivation screening platform (E. coli and Yeast)
High-throughput and low-volume DNA/RNA and protein quantification (2 µL)

Imaging Systems

BZ 9000 Fluorescence Microscope

BZ 9000 Fluorescence Microscope

Resolution: 1360 x 1024 pixels
Bright Field (DIC)
Fluorescence Excitation Filters:
red (Cy5; 568 nm); green (GFP; 488 nm); blue (DAPI; 358 nm)
CO2- and heat-controlled chamber

Imaging of slides and cell culture dishes (no Microtiter Plates) Scanning of small wells Multipoint Imaging Fluorescence Live Cell Imaging
Automated Cell Counting and Morphology Merge Measurements length / area / fluorescence (histograms)

Intas 2

ChemoStar Touch ECL & FL Imager

6.0 MPixel CCD Camera
UV + Vis transmission
Enhanced Chemiluminescence (ECL)
Fluorescence detection (LED Cube RED 609nm)

Further ECL/FL Imager in-house:
LAS 3000 (Fujifilm)
Image Quant LAS 4000 (GE Healthcare)

Selected Applications:
Quantitative Western Blotting (WB) detection
SDS-PAGE and Agarose Gel documentation
Fluorescence detection in PAGE-gels

Real-time quantitative PCR

Applied Biosystems Quant Studio3
Thermo Scientific

96 Wells (reaction volume 10–100 μL)
Excitation/detection range 450–600 nm/500–640 nm
Multiplexing for up to 4 Targets
Three Independent Temperature Zones

Quantification of gene expression levels (qPCR).
Differential Scanning Fluorometry (DSF) for indirect protein stability determination.

Analytical Instruments Accessible In-house:
IncuCyte Zoom Live Cell Analysis System (Sartorius)
CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer (Beckman Coulter)

Protein and Sample Preparation

FPLC Systems

BioRad Äkta

NGC Quest 10 Plus

Piston Gradient Pumps (up to 252 bar, 25.2 MPa)
Flow Rates: 0.001–10 ml/min
Single Channel UV Detection at 280 nm
Separate Sample Pump
Fraction Collector BioFrac

ÄKTA Start
Ge Healthcare

Low-pressure peristaltic pump system
Single Channel UV Detection at 280 nm
Fraction Collector Frac30
Accessories: Electrophoresis System MiniPrep Cell (BioRad)

Further available FPLC-Devices: ÄKTA Prime plus (GE Healthcare)

Protein purification via different chromatography strategies
- Affinity (IMAC, MBP-Tag, Strep-Tag, GST-Tag)
- Ion Exchange (Anion, Cation)
- Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), Desalting

Liquid Handling Station


epMotion 5075t

15 deck positions
1- and 8-Channel Pipetting Tools (1 µL-1000 µL)
Transfer gripper
Thermomix Unit (up to 1400 rpm, 10-95°C)
2 temperature-controlled positions (2-100°C)
Magnetic separation module (96well format)

Selected Applications:
Semi-Automated DNA-Miniprep up to 96 samples in parallel
Automated small-scale recombinant protein purification
Automated MALDI mass spectrometry sample preparation
High Throughput Aliquotation (up to 192 reaction tubes in parallel)

Mass spectrometry sample preparation

Preparation hood

Clean Work Cabinet

Specifications / Accessories:
- Aspiration unit
- Centrifuge Minispin (Eppendorf)
- Airlock for sample transfer
- Magnetic racks

Analytical workflows for MS-samples
Pulldown experiments with magnetic beads or centrifugation

Lyophilization and Vacuum Concentration

ALPHA 1-2 LD Freeze Dryer

ALPHA 1-2 LD Freeze Dryer
Martin Christ

Temperature limit: -65°C
Vacuum limit <0.01 mbar (Pump RD-8; Vacuubrand)
Sample capacity: 8 Vacuum Adapters (for NS32/29 round flasks)
Vacuum glasses 600 mL for vials (0,5 mL – 50 mL)

ALPHA RVC Rotational Vacuum Concentrator

ALPHA RVC Rotational Vacuum Concentrator
Martin Christ

Pressure regulation 1000 – 1 mbar
Rotational speed: up to 1300 rpm
Temperature regulation: 0 - 60°C
Accessory: Alpha 1-2 cooling trap + vacuum pump (Martin Christ)

Lyophilization of proteins, peptides or chemicals
Quick vacuum concentration of liquid samples

Cell Handling and Processing

Mammalian Cell Culture

Cell Culture

Equipment / Specifications:
Biological Safety Cabinets Type A2 in S2 Laboratories (Herasafe, Thermo)
CO2-Incubators (Heracell, Thermo)
Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter (Countess II FL, Thermo)

Cultivation of different mammalian cell lines and primary cells.
Lentiviral transfection of different eukaryotic cell lines.


NEON Transfection System

NEON Transfection System
Invitrogen / Thermo Scientific

Specific biologically compatible pipette tip chamber
Transfection Capacity: 2 x 104 to 6 x 106 cells per reaction

High-efficiency transfection of extremely difficult cells like immune, primary, and stem cells.
Delivery of DNA, RNA or proteins into cells

Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporation Systems

Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporation Systems

Cuvette based system:
main unit, CE module, PC module, and cuvette chamber
Capacitance: 10–500 V, 25–3275 µF in 25 µF increments
Output Voltage: 10–3000 V

Transformation of electro-competent microbial cells (bacterial and yeast) (PC module)
Transfection of eukaryotic cell lines with nucleic acids via electroporation (CE module)

Shaking Incubators

Shaking incubators

Multitron Standard/ Innova 44
Infors HT / New Brunswick

5 Shaking incubators
Capacity 6 x 5L Erlenmeyer flasks per incubator
Temperature control: 10-45°C
Shaking speed: 30-300 rpm
Time dependent programs

Multi-liter parallel cultivation of E. coli or yeast for
recombinant protein expression.


Fermenter – Parallel Bioreaktor System
DASGIP by Eppendorf

Components / Specifications:
BioBlock - 4x 2L parallel batch reaktors (Temp and Stirring control)
TC4 - Temperature control module
MP8 - 8-chanell peristaltic pump (pH-regulation, AF, Feed)
PH4 - Sensor module for pH- and DO-sensing
OD4 - Sensor module for OD-sensing
MX4/4 - Gas mixing module equipped with pressured Air and O2

Recombinant protein expression in bakteria and yeast with high cell density.
Expression of isotope labeled proteins (e.g. 2H, 15N, 13C) or incorporation of Seleno-Methionin for structural studies with solution NMR or X-ray crystallography.
Site specific incorporation of PTMs via unnatural amino acids (UAAs) through the amber supression approach.

Cell Disruption

Cell lysis system

CF1 High-Pressure Cell Disruptor
Constant Systems

min. Sample Volume: 10 mL
Pressure Limit: 2700 bar (40 KPSI) (free selection)
Processivity: 100 mL/min

SFX250 Digital Sonifier
max. Power: 300 W (Amplitude 10-100%)
Sample Volume: 0,5 mL – 500 mL
Single Tip and 24-Tip high throughput Adapter

Cell disruption of bacteria and yeast
Degassing of Buffer Solutions (Sonifier)

Superspeed and Ultracentrifugation

Sorvall LYNX 6000 Superspeed Centrifuge

Sorvall LYNX 6000 Superspeed Centrifuge
Thermo Scientific

Max. Speed: 29,000 rpm
Max. RCF: 100,605 x g
Max. Volume: 6 x 1000 mL
Temperature control: -20°C to +40°C
Available Rotors: Carbon Fibrelite
- F9-6x1000 LEX; F12-6x500 LEX; F20-12x50 LEX

Further centrifuges in-house:
- Sorvall RC 5Cplus; Sorvall RC6plus (Thermo Scientific)
- Rotors: GSA; SS-34; SM-24

Cell harvesting from up to 1 L cultures
Cell lysate clearing of up to 500 mL

Optima L-60 Ultracentrifuge

Optima L-60 Ultracentrifuge

Max. Speed: 60,000 rpm
Max. RCF: 485,000 x g
Available Rotors:
- 70Ti; 50Ti; 55.2TI; SW 40TI; VTi50

Further UC devices:
- L7-80 Ultracentrifuge (Beckman): Rotors see above
- Tabletop Ultracentrifuge OPTIMA-TL (Beckman)
Rotors: TLA100; TLA100.2

Native protein purification
Cell compartment Isolation
Density gradient centrifugation