Knowledge Integration for Precision Medicing (KIP)

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The research group 'Knowledge Integration in Precision Medicine' (KIP) at the UKE focuses on evaluating existing knowledge networks and IT infrastructures to optimize and reshape clinical and scientific processes. Our mission is also to advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI), especially Large Language Models (LLMs), in medicine to simplify data visualizations and analyses for medical researchers. The primary focus is often – but not exclusively – on oncological diseases, given that the group leader, Dr. Riemann, as a Ph.D. medical physicist, has extensive research experience in this field.

The team is, for instance, working on standardizing, simplifying, and expediting molecular tumor boards and the necessary literature review to provide more patients for whom standard oncological therapy has failed access to personalized treatment options. Additionally, the group is developing an innovative, privacy-compliant platform for hypothesis generation using secondary data, offering researchers straightforward access to pseudonymized data and comprehensive analysis capabilities.

Our interdisciplinary team collaborates closely with both internal clinical partners and national consortial projects. Together, we aim to develop innovative solutions for the multifaceted challenges of modern medical research, particularly in the context of precision medicine.