• Talk to your physician
  • Talk to your physician

    Talk to your physician - openly!

    To recover again, you have to understand exactly what you need, which treatment options exist and how promising they are. If there are various appropriate therapy options, please discuss openly with your physician which therapy will best suit your requirements. Important: The discussion between physician and patient is no one-way street! Please say everything that is on your mind. This includes discomfort, past medical history, living conditions and drugs you are taking. And: Please put all questions you have. Here are some examples:

    • What is a health problem?
    • What are the causes of my disease?
    • What must be done now?
    • What treatment options are there?
    • What will happen, if I do nothing at all for now?
    • Which advantages and risks do the appropriate therapy options have (“wait and see” included)?
    • How likely are the advantages or risks to occur?

    You and the physician will decide on the further steps to be taken in order to cure your disease.

  • Appraisal and complaint mangement

    Your opinion is important to us!

    The Appraisal and complaint mangement is one of our main priorities. It gives patients, relatives, visitors, referring physicians and residents the opportunity to contact us regarding questions, positive feedback, criticism and complaints. We take your suggestions seriously.

    Further information on the Appraisal and complaint mangement

    • Telefax

      +49 (0) 40 7410 - 58932

    • Avenue

      Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

      Appraisal and Complaint Management
      Martinistraße 52
      20246 Hamburg

      Building O10, second floor - please look for Lob- und Beschwerdemanagement, Ihre Meinung zählt (written on a blue column at the glass office)

  • Mediator in difficult situations

    You can contact our ombudsman for patients Dr. Raimund Kniep at any time, if something does not meet your expectations during your stay in the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf). Dr. Kniep is an independent mediator who will take your questions, worries and complaints seriously. He will be glad to come to your ward or the respective hospital to try to find a solution with you. You need to talk?

    Your opinion is important to us! Only then will we be able to identify issues and weaknesses and to continue improving. Our physicians and nursing staff will be pleased with your positive feedback, if you had good experiences with our Medical Center.

    Please make an appointment without delay! Either by phone dialing or by sending an e-mail:

    Arne Bräuner
    Arne Bräuner

    W29 Erika-Haus, Ground Floor, Room number 9
    Monika Hartges
    Dr. iur.
    Monika Hartges

    W29 Erika-Haus, Ground Floor, Room number 9