Health care chaplaincy

The time of illness is a special time. You had to leave your home, change your daily life and probably leave behind those nearest to you. You will be concerned with various thoughts, emotions, worries and questions. Sometimes, it is good for us to talk to somebody about what is occupying our mind. The health care chaplaincy of the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf) will be glad to be there for you and your relatives. The pastoral contact offers a platform for many things: meetings and conversations, prayer and tranquility, confidence and discreetness. The health care chaplaincy is a service provided by the Protestant and Catholic churches and rendered ecumenically. You will also come across trained voluntary pastoral caregivers in the wards. Please call the health care chaplaincy directly, if you want the caregiver to come to your bedside; or contact the nursing staff who will be glad to establish contact. They will also organize spiritual succor of other religions and religious denominations, where possible. On request, we will be pleased to provide you with a bible.