Clinical Research / studies

The "Clinical Studies" working group deals with the planning, monitoring and evaluation of clinical studies. These include studies from the field of therapy research studies and drug studies of phases I to III. These are mostly efficacy studies that are carried out under ideal conditions. The knowledge gained is used, for example, to improve and expand treatment guidelines. In these studies, primary data is usually collected and evaluated.

The research group of medical biometry supports clinical studies methodically [cooperation ]. This includes:

  • Support on the work on study projects (including Sample Size Calculation and Application)
  • Assistance in preparing the Clinical Trial (including randomization)
  • Performing Interim Analyses
  • Conducting Data Plausibility Checks
  • Conducting Data Analysis
  • Preparing the Final Report
  • Helping to create a Scientific Publication
  • Editing Reviews

These tasks are carried out in close cooperation with the project partners, with whom the necessary funds are raised and with whom we publish together.

If you are interested in a cooperation or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ' Clinical Studies at IMBE ' team.