In keeping with the holistic approach of the ELBS in bringing liquid biopsy (LB) into clinics for patient benefit; we offer a host of opportunities to our members. These range from scientific exchange and networking with leading experts of the field, to joint wet lab science projects. The activities are driven by the ELBS working groups in collaboration with the management team of the network. A more detailed overview of the opportunities the ELBS provides can be found below.

  • A substantial pillar of the ELBS philosophy is that all essential players in the field will be required to work together to achieve the goal of bringing LB tests from bench to bedside. These include research, clinic, industry, regulatory bodies, health care providers and PA groups. The ELBS and its members are constantly reaching out to other initiatives and key players in the field to encourage collaboration and promote a joint movement towards our goals.

  • While LB assays have advanced substantially in the last decade with technologies steadily increasing in sensitivity and robustness, and evidence of clinical utility mounting; open questions and challenges remain. The ELBS provides a platform for scientific meetings in which these aspects can be discussed in a competent, transparent and forward-thinking setting.

  • The ELBS brings together renowned experts in the liquid biopsy field (from academia, clinic, and industry), generating easy networking and opportunities for collaboration for our members and interested parties.

  • While the development of recommendations and guidelines is important to ensure a low threshold in the wide distribution of knowhow; ensuring that developed technologies and assays robustly function across laboratories holds equal importance. Within the ELBS network, providers have the opportunity to benchmark their technologies and conduct proficiency tests amongst expert labs comparing their technologies and assays across sites and with other technologies (if desired). These wet lab efforts strongly support the credibility of the tested method and provide the chance to receive user feedback from excellent research labs.

  • The ELBS is happy to support its members with grant applications for funding. This support is offered either in the form of the opportunity to present research ideas and search for collaborators (research, clinic, industry) within the network; or in the form of official letters of support to be included in the grant application.

  • Membership of the ELBS, as a large public-private network initiative, generates visibility for our partners. This is achieved through presentations at international conferences in which the member intuitions are highlighted, through presentation opportunities within the network and through visibility on the ELBS website.

  • The ELBS is currently in the process of establishing a virtual liquid biopsy biobank sample directory. This virtual repository will include samples from our member institutions as well as external sources. The aim being to further promote collaboration between clinical sites and research institutes as well as industry partners by providing easy access to information on existing and prospective sample collections.