Welcome to the Institute of Synaptic Physiology

The Institute of Synaptic Physiology was established at the Center for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg (ZMNH) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Oertner in 2011.

Its research focuses on the analysis of information processing at individual synapses and the development of new optogenetic tools.

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    University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

    Center for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg (ZMNH)

    Institute of Synaptic Physiology

    Office, First Floor, Room 1.04

    Falkenried 94

    20251 Hamburg


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    Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

    Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie Hamburg (ZMNH)

    Institut für Synaptische Physiologie

    Sekretariat, 1. OG, Raum 1.04

    Martinistr. 85

    20251 Hamburg


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    +49 (0) 40 7410 - 54084

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