The Center for Obstetrics and Pediatrics

Dear patients,

The Center for Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine is a reliable and competent partner in all questions relating to pregnancy and birth, as well as pediatrics – from the medical care of infants and children to adolescents and young adults. Our specialists have extensive experience in the treatment of chronic and rare diseases. The UKE is the only hospital in Hamburg with departments specializing in the treatment of child and juvenile heart disease as well as cancer. It also has a leading position in the treatment of young transplant patients. Together with our partner company The Altona Children's Hospital (AKK) we boast by far the biggest department for pediatric and adolescent medicine in the city of Hamburg. We treat patients from every part of Germany as well as a growing number of overseas patients attracted by our reputation for medical excellence.

Our specialist personnel work in closely cooperating interdisciplinary teams to provide their patients (your children) the best treatment possible. This includes the constant review of treatment plans and improvements to therapeutic concepts in line with the latest scientific findings and developments. The goal of our interdisciplinary research activities is to achieve a better understanding of disease and improved treatment outcomes. Together with the Martin Zeitz Center for Rare Diseases we occupy a leading position in the research and treatment of serious and chronic illness. Training young practitioners to make sure that patients continue to receive optimal medical care in the future is a core part of our mission. We do everything to ensure a smooth transition of chronically ill young patients into adult medical care.