Teaching for Students

Students of natural sciences and medicine work on their Bachelor, Master or Diploma thesis at the ZMNH. To foster the scientific exchange und collaboration they attend the seminars of their groups as well as the Internal ZMNH-Seminars.

Doctoral students are supported in the framework of the ZMNH Doctoral Program . Part of the program are also seminars which are organized by the students themselves.
Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in seminars for advanced training such as the ZMNH-Seminars with external speakers.

Internships for Students, Trainees and Pupils

Students of natural sciences and medicine acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in molecular neurosciences during their practical courses at the ZMNH.

Numerous trainees from the School of Life Sciences Hamburg gGmbH, the state-accredited vocational school of the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE), do their practical laboratory courses at the ZMNH.

Unfortunately, there are only very few internships for pupils. However, we welcome pupils on the annual Girls- and Boys-Day.