Welcome to the Department of Tumor Biology

Thank you very much for visiting our homepage and for your interest in the Department of Tumor Biology (ITB). The ITB was founded in 2002 to bridge between basic research and the clinic. Translational research conducted in our laboratory aims at a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer development and progression, improved cancer diagnostics and also treatment of cancer patients, with a particular emphasis on so called ‘targeted therapies’. Research at ITB contributed significantly to an improvement of cancer diagnostics of a variety of cancers by, for example, the development of blood diagnostic tests (‘liquid biopsy’) and by identification and characterization of novel biomarkers for certain cancer types.

In addition, researchers at ITB actively participate in training of medical and natural science students in biology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Currently; about fifty researchers from all over the world and with a mixed scientific background perform research at ITB, thus providing a highly stimulating and multicultural environment. We cooperate with numerous research institutes around the world and are also part of several national and international collaborative research projects.


Our ambitions at the department

  • Innovative blood based diagnosis: Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and circulating DNA/microRNA („Liquid Biopsy“)

  • Biology of metastases of solid tumors: Translational research to develop innovative cancer therapies

Research at the department

We do research on more than 30 current funded projects.

Our services for patients

For cancer patients we offer the screening of blood and bone marrow for disseminating tumor cells.

Range of courses

Students of the Medical and MIN Faculty of the University of Hamburg as well as Pharmacy will find leaning opportunities at the department in regular and graduate studies.

Department in statistics

Presently more than 50 people are working at the Department of Tumor Biology, these are:

Medical docters, biologists, biochemists, bioengineers and biotechnologists, chemical scientists, pharmacists, technicians and administrative employees. They come from more than 12 different countries. In addition to that we have medical students working on their thesis, biology master students as well as trainees.

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