International Guests

All guests will be fully integrated by the clinics and institutes during their stay at the UKE. The Human-Resources-Department (GB P) acts as an interface between the candidate and the respective clinic. To guarantee a smooth and quick process of the application procedure, all applications for further education or training will go through the hands of our employees at the Human-Resources-Department for International Guests.

In case of an acceptance, the UKE charges, due to the high administrative expenditure required in processing of applications, a one‑time only, non-recurring and non-refundable administration-fee. This fee includes the support of administrative processing of your stay at the UKE, including communication with the German authorities. During the stay in Hamburg, GB P will continue to take care of administrative and organizational issues.

An acceptance of the UKE does not automatically mean that the German authorities will accept the visa-application. The UKE has no influence on the outcome or the duration of the German authorization process. The administration-fee will therefore be charged, despite an acceptance or rejection from the authorities.

GB P recommends to send an application several months before the planned entry / start of training. In some cases, the departments are occupied one to two years in advance. A general information of capacity cannot be given, due to the complexity.