Process for international patients

1. Patient request / Contact to International Office

  • e-mail
  • telephone
  • visiting during office hours

2. Explanation of procedure and receipt of patient’s existing medical reports by the staff of the International Office

3. International Office transfers patient's medical records to the department in charge for evaluation a treatment proposal

4. Preparation of cost estimation by IO based on treatment plan, DRG or GOÄ

5. Patient receives a cost estimate

6. If the patient is interested in medical treatment:

  • Prepayment by the patient’s party
  • Appointment scheduling by the International Office
  • Confirmation letter for the German embassy

7. Before the treatment:

  • Monitoring of the financial situation
  • Support by accommodation arrangements for the patient’s family members
  • Transfer to airport, hotel (support)
  • Arrangement of interpreter

8. During the stay:

  • Administration support during patient’s stay at UKE
  • Monitoring of treatment costs – additional claiming if necessary
  • Extension of visa on demand

9. Preparation of discharge

  • Translation of medical reports
  • Requesting a CD with imaging for the patient by the IO
  • Assistance with prescriptions and refills
  • Shuttle service to airport if requested

10. After discharge:

  • Monitoring of incoming invoices
  • Preparation of final invoice
  • Sending final invoice to patient (upon availability of address data)
  • Refund (upon availability of bank data)