Welcome to the Institute for Immunology

The institute is part of the Center for Diagnostics and is responsible for the laboratory diagnosis of immunological disease, research and the academic training of students of immunology. It also carries out scientific studies as a service to external parties. Immunology is an important area for virtually every other medical speciality as the immune system plays a role in most diseases and as advances in our understanding of the immune system increasingly open up new forms of therapy. The Faculty of Immunology works closely with the Department for Immunology at the Bernhard Nocht Institute.

Special services

The institute's laboratory studies different aspects of hereditary and acquired defects of the immune system, including immunological functions and allergic immune responses and autoimmune diseases. The institute offers a scientific lab service, for example, analyzing cytokine production, lymphocyte activation and phagocytosis viability, as well as the production of special antibodies through DNA immunisation.