Welcome to our Department of Cardiology

The University Heart & Vascular Center Hamburg (UHZ) is recognized around the world for its stellar achievements in diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases.

We offer the entire range of non-invasive and invasive diagnostics and therapeutic treatments in cardiology, that is, the treatment of patients with coronary artery disease, heart valve disease and myocardial disease.

We have a special department of Cardiology focused on electrophysiology established particularly for patients with cardiac arrhythmia.

In our center we use all the common up-to-date cardiologic examination techniques.

We are personally concerned with the ongoing implementation and application of the most recent scientific and research findings into our patient care. Our daily hospital routine is in turn scientifically reviewed and evaluated. This procedure influences and determines our treatment strategies.

One of the main goals in our center is to have a close, interdisciplinary collaboration of all departments to enable the best treatment possible for our patients.

Even though our field of expertise is highly technologized, our focus is on the patient.

Our common goal here is to provide personalized patient care with emphasis on individualized treatment plans.

We invite you to inform yourself about our department by exploring the following pages.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Stefan Blankenberg & Prof. Dr. Paulus Kirchhof