Complementary medicine consultation hour

Many tumor patients have questions exceeding „general“ therapy of their tumors and their health complaints, like the possibility of mistletoe therapy, certain diets or homoeopathic treatment.

Usually it is not hard to gather information on alternative or complementary medicine but due to the complex and time-intensive treatment of patients with tumors, there is often not enough time to discuss questions on further treatments with complementary and natural medicine with the outpatient or inpatient physician.

The complementary consultation hour at the University Cancer Center Hamburg has the goal that patient and physician jointly create a therapy concept combining natural medicine and oncological treatment. Therefore, we use on one side objective data based on scientific research and on the other side subjective individual healing factors of each patient in order to create a stable and effective overall concept for each patient.

You can find the exact consultation hours in the Schedule of UCCH Outpatient Clinics (in German)

Head of consultation hour:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rostock
Dr. Mirjam A. Wüsthof