Teaching for Students

Students of natural sciences can do their Bachelor, Master and Doctoral theses in the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Cognition at the ZMNH.

Dietmar Kuhl participates in the ZMNH-based Graduate Program Molecular Biology (ASMB) .

The institute offers practical methods courses in Molecular Neurobiology for ASMB students. Uwe Borgmeyer and Guido Hermey are lecturers in the ASMB.

Furthermore, scientists of the IMCC (Guido Hermey, Ora Ohana, Lars Binkle, Ralf Scholz und Uwe Borgmeyer) teach in the Modul Molecular Neurobiology (MSc Biology) of the faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Science (MIN Fakultät) of the University of Hamburg

Dietmar Kuhl is authorized as reviewer and examiner of PhD theses and doctoral examinations of the MIN faculty.

Internships for Trainees

Trainees from the School of Life Sciences Hamburg gGmbH, the state-accredited vocational school of the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE), can do their practical laboratory courses in the ZMNH Institute for Molecular Neurogenetics.

Teaching and Advanced Training at the ZMNH