The Business division Communications and public relations

Questioning – consulting – positioning with creative competence: UKE’s Corporate Communication

Our goal lies in the health and well-being of UKE’s patients. In order to support this objective, the Corporate Communication Department has defined this self-concept for itself.

We position and strengthen the UKE as one of the leading university hospitals in Europe and as a brand with a uniform appearance. That is the aim behind our questioning. That is the aim behind our assessments. That is the aim behind our prioritizing. And that is the basis for our decision-making in our areas of expertise.

We consult with and support our customers – all areas and subsidiaries of the UKE – in order to reach their relevant target groups in an effective and efficient manner, and across various media. Succeeding in this endeavor requires cooperative exchange on equal footing. Our success lies in customer and target group satisfaction.

Thanks to our innovative ideas and concepts, we are already able to approach tomorrow’s target groups. Good stories and relevant content drive us.

We work hand in hand for a joint goal. Using the creative thinking and strategic efforts of an integrated team of various specialists, we achieve the best possible results through a variety of competencies and abilities.

We use our resources in a conscientious, targeted and sustainable manner. Through our entrepreneurial activity, we generate space for development. We concentrate on our strengths, which are supplemented by our partners’ competencies. Together, we achieve better results.

Intensive exchange as well as mutually respectful and positive interactions are important to us.