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UCCH Cancer Research

A multitude of great scientific developments in the life sciences and their interconnected disciplines have led to a much better understanding of the fundamentals of cancer over the past decades, with great effort by all those involved (natural scientists, physicians, engineers, computer scientists, etc.). This has also gradually led to numerous advances in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. However, despite all these advances in knowledge and intervention options, cancer remains one of the most central health problems of our time.

The Hubertus Wald Tumor Center - Universitäres Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) unites scientists and physicians from more than 40 clinics and institutes of the UKE who are taking up the challenge of being able to better combat cancer in the future through clinical, translational and experimental research. In wide-ranging research activities, they are dedicated to the urgent task of finding answers to the significant unresolved questions regarding cancer development, treatment, diagnosis and prevention. Research by UCCH scientists and physicians spans activities to:

  • Identify the fundamental pathobiologic factors and processes underlying cancer development and progression
  • Develop and test novel treatment options in preclinical studies
  • Testing the efficacy and safety of new therapies in clinical trials
  • Epidemiology of cancer
  • development and efficacy testing of cancer prevention measures and programs
  • psychosocial aspects of cancer patients and their loved ones

Scientific training at the UCCH

The institutes and clinics of the Hubertus Wald Tumor Center - Universitäres Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) offer a wide variety of educational and training opportunities for young scientists, including students and doctoral candidates in medicine and the natural sciences, postdoctoral fellows, young physicians, and life science and technical professions.

UCCH Research Programs

Physicians and scientists from the UCCH clinics and institutes work together to address the big questions in cancer research.

UCCH Core Facilities

The UCCH Core Facilities are available to all research groups at UKE with state-of-the-art technologies and expert supervision.


The biospecimen collections at UCCH enable cancer research at the highest level.

XIV. UCCH Research Retreat 2022

The XIV UCCH Research Retreat will take place on August 19-20, 2022 at the conference hotel "Tryp by Wyndham" in Bad Bramstedt.

Hamburg School of Oncology

The courses offered by the Hamburg School of Oncology are aimed at young scientists with a special interest in translational cancer research.