Dear Patient,

Welcome to the Department of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery.

As a major trauma centre, our clinic takes care of the conservation and restoration of bones, organs and tissues that have been injured in an accident.

We provide special expertise in the treatment of life-threatening multiple injuries, treatment of injuries of theof the lower an upper extremities, severe pelvic and spinal injuries and musculoskeletal tumors. There is also a long lasting experience with focus in the treatment of knee, elbow and shoulder injuries.

Our emergency department ensures a 24 -hour emergency care of injured patients or those who suffering from acute orthopedic diseases.

The main research interest of the Heisenberg Group for Experimental Trauma Surgery focuses on bone biology. We study the molecular mechanisms underlying skeletal disorders including osteoporosis, compromised fracture healing, and bone metastases.

We hope to give you an overview of our clinic with the information on this sites and to welcome you in the near future.

With best regards your,

Prof. K.-H. Frosch