Gastrointestinal tumor consultation hour

Tumors of the digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, pancreas, bile duct, colon) are diseases for which interdisciplinary diagnostics and treatment are especially essential.

This is also true for early-stage tumors as well as metastasized tumors (e.g. liver metastases in colon cancer).

In our special consultation hour we offer you our help in diagnostics and treatment of your individual tumor entity together with experts of all relevant clinics and institutes of our medical center in order to guarantee you a maximum therapy success.

Additionally to the consultation hour, your case will be presented in one of our tumor boards taking place several times per week , where each case is individually discusses by a multidisciplinary specialist team.

Moreover, we offer treatment within numerous clinical trial protocols (currently < 20) in order to provide early access to new drugs for our patients as well as to further improve the therapy of gastrointestinal tumors.

You can find the exact consultation hours in the Schedule of UCCH Outpatient Clinics (in German)

Head of the consultation hour:

PD Dr. med. Marianne Sinn