Welcome to the Institute of Anatomy and Experimental Morphology

Our Institute is part of the Center for Experimental Medicine.

Our research groups investigate how cell interactions influence the structure and function of the body.

Every multicellular organism relies on tightly coordinated connections between cells. This is essential for the integrity and function of all tissues, as well as for protection against environmental influences. Accordingly, disrupted cell-cell connections cause a variety of serious diseases.

Therefore, we aim to fundamentally understand how cell-cell contacts regulate the function and homeostasis of different tissues. Furthermore, we investigate how dysfunction of cell-to-cell communication leads to life-threatening diseases in the heart (such as Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy) or the skin (such as Pemphigus). We aim to leverage this understanding to identify new therapeutic approaches.

In collaboration with the Institute of Neuroanatomy, we teach clinically-oriented anatomy as part of the study programs in human medicine, dentistry, and midwifery. We are committed to promote young researchers through training of PhD students and doctoral candidates in natural sciences, human medicine, and dentistry. Additionally, we offer continuing education courses for physicians and other medical personnel.

Research at the institute

We do research projects on several currently externally funded projects.

Range of courses

Students of the Medical Faculty of the University of Hamburg will find diverse learning opportunities at the institute.

Institute in statistics

Presently 18 people are working at the Institute of Anatomy and Experimental Morphology, these are:

Medical doctors, veterinarians, biologists, molecular biologists, technicians and administrative employees. In addition to that we have medical students working on their thesis, biology master students as well as trainees.

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