Survivorship consultation hour

Many former tumor patients still struggle with physical long-term effects and late complications caused by the disease itself or due to the combination of different therapy modalities such as surgery, radiotherapy and systemic therapy even years after the successful treatment of their cancer. But also psychosocial consequences after the tumor disease, which are often closely related to late physical damage, determine the everyday life of long-term cancer survivors. It is not uncommon for patients to feel left alone and very insecure on their way back into life.

In our consultation hours, we would like to advise you, dear former patients, and after a detailed discussion of psychosocial problems, we would like to offer you a medical consultation in case of physical late sequelae, support through various intervention offers such as sexual counselling, tertiary prevention, sports and exercise, nutritional counselling, psycho-oncological support, etc. and coordinate your aftercare together with the office-based doctors in charge.

Further information about our survivorship program can be found here

Head of the consultation hour:

PD Dr. Marianne Sinn