The doctoral program at the Center for Molecular Neurobiology (ZMNH) offers a cross-faculty continuing education and training program in the fields of molecular biology and neuroscience that it designed to lead to the award of a doctoral degree in conformity with the regulations of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Natural Sciences (MIN) or the Faculty of Medicine of Universität Hamburg.

Each doctoral student concludes a Doctoral Supervision Agreement with a main supervisor and two independent mentors who constitute the Thesis Advisory Committee. This agreement serves to support the student in all questions regarding his research project, training and education, scientific career as well as the student's scientific independence by proactive mentoring.

To foster lively scientific exchange and to benefit from academic continuing education, the doctoral candidates participate in several ZMNH seminar series including seminars which are organized by the students themselves. They also attend external seminars such as those offered by the Hamburg Center of Neuroscience (HCNS) to broaden their knowledge in neuroscience.

Moreover, the doctoral candidates may join the academic key skills courses of the Career Center of Universität Hamburg , the Hamburg Research Academy , the PIASTA program of Universität Hamburg and the MIN Graduate School International .