Welcome to the Institute of Medical Sociology

The Institute of Medical Sociology, part of the Center for Psychosocial Medicine, is dedicated to training, education and research. Research activities are carried out in selected areas (see below). The training content on medical sociology and the other courses taught by the institute is contained in the iMed course of medical studies within the revised medical curriculum.


Research activities at the institute are carried out in these areas:

  • Social inequalities - Prof. Dr. von dem Knesebeck, Dr. Jens Klein
  • Patient Orientation and Self-Help - Dr. Christopher Kofahl, Dr. Nickel
  • Migration/ Cultural Diversity and Health - Dr. Dingoyan, Dr. Vonneilich
  • Public Mental Health - Dr. Makowski
  • Health and health care among the aged - Dr. Lüdecke

Training and further education

Education at the institute comprises lectures on Introduction to Medical Sociology, the course "Illness and being ill from a patient's perspective" and various seminars regarding social aspects of illness and health care. The institute is also involved in the exploration of the occupational field o fthe prospective doctor (training and seminar, first semester). In our reformed program of studies, the IMS is responsible for the 2nd Tracks "scientific research" and "InterMED" (Intercultural competencies and international Medicine) and also participates in other 2nd Tracks.


The institute offers advisory service and expertise for communal, regional and federal authorities, social service providers (especially health insurances) and other institutions in the Health Care sector, as well as for Patient- and Self-Help-Organizations. This includes forms of professional expertise, reports, contract research, involvement in advisory boards and advanced training.