Clerkship in the II. Medical Clinic

Dear Students,

Are you interested in a clerkship during your medical studies? Then you are at the right place. We require an informative application letter with curriculum vitae and a statement by the applicant that the clerkship is a required elective. Please send these documents to the Executive Office of the Department Chairman . We will arrange for registration in the administration office, which must occur at least three weeks before the clerkship begins. For the application we need:

  • your personal data
  • the exact time period of the clerkship The administration office will then send you a written confirmation with further information.

Two weeks before the start of the clerkship, please make an appointment for a health examination at the Occupational Health Office in UKE or with another occupational health physician near your place of residence. In this case, it must be clarified by phone (Tel: +49 (0) 40 7410-53194 or +49 (0) 40 7410-52195), which test results are required. Currently, results for Hepatitis B and C are needed. On the first day of your clerkship, you are required to come personally to the Occupational Health Office in UKE with these test results. The management also requires a valid certificate of enrollment for the semester, and your identity card must be presented when signing the contract.

The contract is drawn up by the Service Center located in Building, O 35, Ground Floor, phone: +49 (0) 40 7410-59000.