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Annual report

Here you'll find our annual reports in German.

wissen + forschen

Here you'll find our publication "wissen + forschen" in German.

UKE news

Here you'll find our publication "UKE news" in German.

Music and culture at the UKE

Series of concerts "Musik – Mensch – Medizin" ("MMM")

"The idea behind the series of events is to establish ties between music and medicine." Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Rauhe

Award ″Heilsame Stimmung im Krankenhaus“

For its series of concerts “Musik – Mensch – Medizin”, the UKE has received the award ″Heilsame Stimmung im Krankenhaus“ of the foundation “Humour Helps Healing”.

Form - Farbe - Stuktur

Our photographer Regina von Ferentheil has exhibited since August her impressions in the UKE.