About the 3D Printing Centre

Among others, the hospital pharmacy, oral and maxillofacial surgery, trauma surgery and orthopaedics as well as paediatric cardiac medicine are involved in the 3D centre. They use 3D printing technology to produce anatomical models for hard and soft tissue, such as models of bone fractures or the human heart. The three-dimensional models can be used to precisely plan operations. In addition, the models from the 3D printer also support communication between doctors and patients, because they can be used to clearly explain diseases, treatments and surgical interventions. This can lead to better surgical results and increased patient satisfaction. A total of nine different medical and pharmaceutical departments of the UKE are currently members of the 3D Centre. Members of the UC3D .

Areas of the UKE that are not members of the 3D Printing Centre can also benefit from the innovative technology. In cooperation with the UC3D, doctors and scientists from all areas of the UKE can design and produce three-dimensional objects according to their own ideas and needs. The UC3D provides the necessary software and hardware. The experts for 3D printing in medicine and pharmacy at the university 3D centre provide information, advice and support for colleagues from all disciplines at the hospital. In addition, there are cooperations with external partners.

Our Services

The services of the University Centre for 3D Printing at a glance:

  • Production of 3D printed anatomical models, surgical instruments and drugs for research, teaching and in future also for patient care
  • Advice and support in 3D technology for innovative, forward-looking research projects
  • Interdisciplinary networking, including clinical and non-clinical areas (such as surgery and medical informatics)

Our Aim

Our Board

Projects funded by the EU

3D printing of drugs

With the help of 3D printing technology, it will be shown how medicines can be produced individually for each patient.

3D printing of patient-specific implants

AI-supported and automated production of patient-specific implants using 3D printers.

Our Charter

Members of the UC3D

Currently, nine different sections of the UKE are members of the 3D printing centre

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