Theresa Nauth
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Theresa Nauth
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Campus Forschung N27 , 1st Floor, Room number 01.035
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Genetic Variants in ARHGEF6 Cause Congenital Anomalies of the Kidneys and Urinary Tract in Humans, Mice, and Frogs
Klämbt V, Buerger F, Wang C, Naert T, Richter K, Nauth T, Weiss A, Sieckmann T, Lai E, Connaughton D, Seltzsam S, Mann N, Majmundar A, Wu C, Onuchic-Whitford A, Shril S, Schneider S, Schierbaum L, Dai R, Bekheirnia M, Joosten M, Shlomovitz O, Vivante A, Banne E, Mane S, Lifton R, Kirschner K, Kispert A, Rosenberger G, Fischer K, Lienkamp S, Zegers M, Hildebrandt F
J AM SOC NEPHROL. 2023;34(2):273-290.

Cutaneous manifestations in Costello syndrome: HRAS p.Gly12Ser affects RIN1-mediated integrin trafficking in immortalized epidermal keratinocytes
Nauth T, Bazgir F, Voß H, Brandenstein L, Mosaddeghzadeh N, Rickassel V, Deden S, Gorzelanny C, Schlüter H, Ahmadian M, Rosenberger G
HUM MOL GENET. 2023;32(2):304-318.


A novel HRAS c.466C>T p.(Phe156Leu) variant in two patients with attenuated features of Costello syndrome
Lindsey-Temple S, Edwards M, Rickassel V, Nauth T, Rosenberger G
EUR J HUM GENET. 2022;30(9):1088-1093.


The novel duplication HRAS c.186_206dup p.(Glu62_Arg68dup): clinical and functional aspects
Gripp K, Baker L, Robbins K, Stabley D, Bellus G, Kolbe V, Nauth T, Rosenberger G
EUR J HUM GENET. 2020;28(11):1548-1554.


Tandem Affinity Purification of SBP-CBP-tagged Type Three Secretion System Effectors
Berneking L, Schnapp M, Nauth T, Hentschke M
BIO-PROTOCOL. 2019;9(12):.

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