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Multimodal home-based rehabilitation intervention after discharge from inpatient geriatric rehabilitation (GeRas). study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Abel B, Bongartz M, Rapp K, Roigk P, Peiter J, Metz B, Finger B, Büchele G, Wensing M, Roth C, Schmidberger O, König H, Gottschalk S, Dams J, Deuster O, Immel D, Micol W, Bauer J, Benzinger P
BMC GERIATR. 2024;24:69.

Budget impact analysis of a Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) program for older people in Germany: a Markov model based on data from the LiFE-is-LiFE trial
Dams J, Gottschalk S, Schwenk M, Nerz C, Becker C, Klenk J, Jansen C, König H
BMC GERIATR. 2024;24:186.

Costs associated with insufficient physical activity in Germany: cross-sectional results from the baseline examination of the German national cohort (NAKO)
Gottschalk S, König H, Weber A, Leitzmann M, Stein M, Peters A, Flexeder C, Krist L, Willich S, Nimptsch K, Pischon T, Gastell S, Steindorf K, Herbolsheimer F, Ebert N, Michels K, Dorrn A, Harth V, Obi N, Karch A, Teismann H, Völzke H, Meinke-Franze C, Klimeck L, Seum T, Dams J
EUR J HEALTH ECON. 2024 [Epub ahead of print].


Cost-effectiveness of early rhythm control vs. usual care in atrial fibrillation care: an analysis based on data from the EAST-AFNET 4 trial
Gottschalk S, Kany S, König H, Crijns H, Vardas P, Camm A, Wegscheider K, Metzner A, Rillig A, Kirchhof P, Dams J
EUROPACE. 2023;25(5):euad051.

Cost-effectiveness of a specialist palliative care nurse-patient consultation followed by an interprofessional case conference for patients with non-oncological palliative care needs: results of the KOPAL trial
Gottschalk S, König H, Mallon T, Schulze J, Weber J, Böttcher S, Sekanina U, Asendorf T, Hummers E, Freitag M, Schneider N, Friede T, Nauck F, Scherer M, Marx G, Dams J
ANN PALLIAT MED. 2023;12(6):1175-1186.

Measurement properties of the EQ-5D in populations with a mean age of ≥ 75 years: a systematic review
Gottschalk S, König H, Nejad M, Dams J
QUAL LIFE RES. 2023;32(2):307-329.

Comparison of falls and cost-effectiveness of the group versus individually delivered Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) program: final results from the LiFE-is-LiFE non-inferiority trial
Jansen C, Gottschalk S, Nerz C, Labudek S, Kramer-Gmeiner F, Klenk J, Clemson L, Todd C, Dams J, König H, Becker C, Schwenk M
AGE AGEING. 2023;52(1):.


Cost-Effectiveness of a Group vs Individually Delivered Exercise Program in Community-Dwelling Persons Aged ≥70 Years
Gottschalk S, König H, Schwenk M, Nerz C, Becker C, Klenk J, Jansen C, Dams J
J AM MED DIR ASSOC. 2022;23(5):736-742.e6.

Willingness to pay for a group and an individual version of the Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise program from a participant perspective
Gottschalk S, König H, Schwenk M, Nerz C, Becker C, Klenk J, Jansen C, Dams J
BMC PUBLIC HEALTH. 2022;22(1):1934.

Dementia care-giving from a family network perspective in Germany: A typology
Neubert L, Gottschalk S, König H, Brettschneider C
HEALTH SOC CARE COMM. 2022;30(2):579-591.


Balancing care demands and personal needs: A typology on the reconciliation of informal dementia care with personal life based on narrative interviews
Gottschalk S, Neubert L, König H, Brettschneider C
DEMENTIA-LONDON. 2021;20(8):2689-2707.

Lifestyle-integrated functional exercise to prevent falls and promote physical activity: Results from the LiFE-is-LiFE randomized non-inferiority trial
Jansen C, Nerz C, Labudek S, Gottschalk S, Kramer-Gmeiner F, Klenk J, Dams J, König H, Clemson L, Becker C, Schwenk M
INT J BEHAV NUTR PHY. 2021;18(1):115.

Vereinbarkeit von Pflege bei Demenz, Familie und Beruf
Neubert L, Gottschalk S, König H, Brettschneider C
Z GERONTOL GERIATR. 2021;54(7):643-650.


The association between informal caregiving and behavioral risk factors: a cross-sectional study
Gottschalk S, König H, Brettschneider C
INT J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2020;65(6):911-921.

Psychometric Properties of the EQ-5D for the Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life in the Population of Middle-Old and Oldest-Old Persons: Study Protocol for a Systematic Review
Gottschalk S, König H, Nejad M, Dams J
FRONT PUBLIC HEALTH. 2020;8:578073.

Mediating factors on the association between fear of falling and health-related quality of life in community-dwelling German older people: a cross-sectional study
Gottschalk S, König H, Schwenk M, Jansen C, Nerz C, Becker C, Klenk J, Dams J
BMC GERIATR. 2020;20(1):401.

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