Research Group on Migration and Psychosocial Health (MiPH)

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  • Description

    The interdisciplinary Research Group for Migration and Psychosocial Health engages in different research activities focusing on the topics of Migration and Health and Culturally Competent Care. In terms of content, epidemiological issues ( ), together with structural quality, quality of processes and health and social care outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse communities are examined.

    In this context we investigate the influence of migration on individuals’ psychosocial health. We also assess the barriers to and resources for accessing health care services through the perspectives of patients and staff.

    Our research group develops interventions for health care professionals (e.g., cross-cultural competence training for psychotherapists: ) as well as for migrants (e.g., intercultural training for civil protection and disaster assistance). Furthermore, we design quality measures to optimise the care of migrants (guidelines for basic and advanced training for psychotherapists to acquire cross-cultural competencies; guidelines for the qualification of interpreters who work with refugees in the field of social work).

    Beyond our involvement in research and training, we also develop migration-, culture- and language-sensitive documentation and psychometric tools (e.g., “Cross-Cultural Competence of Healthcare Professionals” (CCCHP), Turkish Speaking Version of the “Hamburg Modules for the Assessment of Psychosocial Health” (T-Health-49)).

    Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our research, we collaborate not only locally and nationally but also internationally with research colleagues and institutions from different fields. Thanks to these collaborative efforts, we are interconnected with diverse healthcare providers, migrant organizations, experts in the field of intercultural health research, NGOs and public organisations.

    Our current research projects focus on the following subjects:

    • Cultural competence in inpatient mental health care
    • Cultural competence in home nursing care
    • Multilingualism in healthcare
    • Quality standards for the qualification of interpreters in the field of social work who work with refugees

    In order to encourage researchers and practitioners to dialogue and share their knowledge and expertise, we organize conferences, congresses and workshops (e.g.

    If you are interested in getting in touch with us or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
    Phone: +49 40 7410-59743

  • 2020

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  • Ongoing theses

    • Higgen, Sanna (Psychologie). Entwicklung und Evaluation eines Präventionsprogramms zur Förderung der Resilienz geflüchteter Kinder für den Schulunterricht. (Development and evaluation of a school-based prevention program to strengthen the resilience of refugee children) Dissertation, PhD.
    • Khan-Gökkaya, Sidra (Public Health). Berufliche Integration von Geflüchteten in die Gesundheitsversorgung: Bedarfe, Konzepte und Wirksamkeit. (Integration of Refugees in Patient Care: needs, concepts and efficacy.) Dissertation, PhD
    • Handtke, Oriana (Psychology). Interkulturelle Barrieren und Ressourcen bei der Inanspruchnahme und in der Versorgung von Patienten mit Migrationshintergrund in der stationären psychosomatischen Rehabilitation. (Cross-cultural barriers and resources in the utilization and treatment of patients with migration background in inpatient mental health care.) Dissertation, PhD.
    • Mueller, Jessica Terese (Psychology). Qualitätsstandards zur Qualifizierung von Sprachmittlern in der sozialen Arbeit mit Flüchtlingen: Überblick, Bedarfsanalyse, Entwicklung. (Quality Standards for the Qualification of Community Interpreters in the Field of Social Work.) Dissertation, PhD

    Finished theses

    • Schilgen, Benjamin (Public Health). Arbeits- und Gesundheitssituation von Pflegenden mit Migrationshintergrund. (Health situation and working conditions of nurses with immigration background.) Dissertation, PhD
    • Dingoyan, Demet (Psychology). Psychische Störungen bei Menschen mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund in Deutschland: Barrieren, Methoden und Ergebnisse. (Psychological disorders among individuals with Turkish immigration background in Germany: barriers, methods and results.) Dissertation, Dr. phil.
    • Suarez, Greey (Psychology). Systematic Review of methods and results of Cross-Cultural Competence Training in Health Care. Diplom, Dipl.-Psych.
    • Khan Sidra (2016). Psychotherapeutische Versorgung von Flüchtlingen in Hamburg – eine qualitative Analyse. (Psychotherapeutic care of refugees in Hamburg – A qualitative analysis.) Master thesis, International Migration and intercultural relations.
    • Vanessa Müller (2016). Prävalenz und Risikofaktoren für Angststörungen bei Menschen mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund in Deutschland. (Prevalence and risk factors for anxiety disorder among individuals with Turkish immigration background in Germany.) Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Müller-Stephan, Marlene (2016). Rettung, Hilfe und Kultur – Eine kritische Evaluation der Schulungen für Migranten und Flüchtlinge über das deutsche Bevölkerungsschutzsystem. (Rescue, aid and culture – A critical evaluation of civil protection trainings for migrants and refugees.) Bachelor thesis, Psychology.
    • Holst, Silke (2016). Konzeption, Durchführung und Evaluation eines interkulturellen Trainings für Mitarbeitende einer Klinik der psychosomatischen Rehabilitation. (Conception, implementation and evaluation of intercultural trainings for employees in a psychosomatic rehabilitation clinic.) Diplom, Psychology.
    • Petak, Flora (2015). Migration background in inpatient psychotherapy: difficulties and resources. Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Hedder, Jönna Dorle (2015). Psychosoziale Gesundheit und Inanspruchnahme von Gesundheitsleistungen von Menschen peruanischer Herkunft in Hamburg. (Psychosocial health and utilization of health benefits among people of Peruvian descent in Hamburg.) Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Kallenberg, Hanna (2015). Risk factors of depressive disorders and symptom severity in individuals of Turkish migration background. Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Assadi Gohar, Zoha (2014). Psychosoziale Gesundheit und Inanspruchnahme von Gesundheitsleistungen bei Menschen mit iranischem Migrationshintergrund in Hamburg. (Psychosocial health and utilization of health benefits among people of Iranian descent in Hamburg.) Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Jakovljevic, Milka (2014). Interkulturelle Öffnung und multilinguale Behandlungsmöglichkeiten in der bundesweiten stationären psychotherapeutischen Versorgung. (Intercultural opening and multilingual treatment options in the inpatient psychotherapeutic care throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.) Diplom, Psychology.
    • Wissert, Katharina (2014). Einflussfaktoren auf die Inanspruchnahme psychosozialer Versorgungsleistungen von Menschen mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund. (Factors which influence the utilization of health benefits among individuals with Turkish immigration background.) Diplom, Psychology.
    • Lotta Loerbroks (2013). Struktur- und Prozessqualität (trans-) kultureller Trainings im Gesundheitswesen: Ergebnisse einer systematischen Literaturrecherche. (Structural and process quality of (trans-) cultural trainings in healthcare: Results of a systematic literature review.) Bachelor thesis, Psychology.
    • Risch, Rebekka (2012). Risk of mood and anxiety disorders among migrants – a systematic review and meta-analysis. Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Längst, Gerda (2012). Development and psychometric evaluation of an instrument (IKG) to measure cross-cultural competence of healthcare professionals. Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Odening, Diana (2012). Stand der interkulturellen Öffnung in der ambulanten psychotherapeutischen Versorgung. (State of the intercultural opening in outpatient psychotherapeutic care.) Diplom, Psychology.
    • Jordan, Constanze (2011). Inanspruchnahme gesundheitlicher Versorgungsangebote durch Menschen mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund. (Utilization of health services among individuals with Turkish immigration background.) Master thesis, Psychology.
    • Topal, Nazan (2011). Diagnostische Validität psychischer Störungen bei psychosomatischen Patienten mit türkischem Migrations­hintergrund. (Diagnostic validity of psychological disorders among psychosomatic patients with Turkish immigration background.) Diplom, Psychology.
    • Gil-Martinez, Fernanda (2009). Ambulante psychotherapeutische Versorgung von Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund in Hamburg. Eine Erkundungsuntersuchung. (Outpatient psychotherapeutic care of individuals with migration background in Hamburg. An investigative survey.) Diplom, Psychology.