Teaching in Integrated Model Study Course Medicine (iMED)

Cross-sectional area 1 Biometrics, Epidemiology and IT

Description: As part of QB1, Medical Biometry and Epidemiology are taught in Module A in the 2nd learning spiral.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Antonia Zapf, other research associates of the institute (IMBE)

Course language: German


  • Introduction to epidemiology, epidemiological indicators
  • Study designs and phases of clinical research
  • Introduction to statistical testing
  • correlation and regression
  • Evaluate diagnostic tests
  • Event Time Analysis


  • 6x2 UEs Lecture on biometric and epidemiological topics
  • 6x2 UEs seminar with exercises and application of the lecture material

Next dates: You can find the current timetable on the iMed portal

Location: You can also find the current event location on the iMed portal

Registration: closed event


2nd Tracks

We are currently represented in the following 2nd tracks

Scientific work

General medicine

Cardiovascular medicine

Psychosocial Medicine and Health Services Research

The Magic of Medical Imaging (Radiological procedures)

Digital health

intermed - intercultural competence and international medicine

Application for a certificate of equivalence

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  • Your current certificate of enrollment
  • Confirmation of the completion of the relevant courses with a grade
  • Content description of the relevant events

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