Surgical Treatment

Interdisiplinary Clinic

In the event that operative treatment is indicated, we base our course of treatment on the guidelines issued by the specialist German Society.

Obesity is often accompanied by secondary illnesses therefore all specialists UKE department are available for consultation e.g. coagulation disorders, blood thinning/ medications or cardiovascular illness. This is an essential component to ensure the operative procedures are carried out with the highest level of safety possible.

Application Procedure

The tailored treatment plan has found that the patient will require an operative procedure.

This is your first time applying for cost coverage with your healthcare provider and you are unsure on how to proceed? Our Bariatric Nurse will provide all the necessary support and advice to help you with your application.


Operative treatment may be carried out if it found to be indicated in the patient’s individual case after extensive examination.

The indications for operative treatment are decided upon in a case-to-case basis in close consultation with the specialist obesity team (comprised of surgeons, internal medication specialists, endocrinologists, diet experts and psychologists). The available therapy options and risk profile are based on each patient’s weight, weight loss/ gain progression and secondary illnesses.

Under the link “Information on Obesity” you can find information on the various surgical techniques available. Our Obesity Surgery team offers all the standard forms of surgical procedures. As expected at a center of excellence, we successfully carry out a large number of these procedures.

Preparation for Surgery

As soon as you have received a confirmation of cost coverage from your healthcare provider you can arrange an appointment or preoperative preparation with our team at the Surgical Policlinic.

It is important that you bring the original letter of cost coverage from your healthcare provider.

At the surgical policlinic each patient will receive extensive consultations covering all aspects of the operative procedure as well as discussing all necessary examinations (blood tests, gastroscopy etc.).

Appointments can be arranged by contacting + 49 (0) 40 7410 - 56120 and please mention that you are arranging an appointment with the “Obesity Team”.

For Treatment request please contact our International Office

Later, you will be admitted as an inpatient by the UKE Patient Admission Service and receive information regarding the anesthesia procedure from our anesthesiologist specialists.

The anesthesiologists may determine that further examinations are necessary e.g. cardiological examinations. If this is the case, you can carry out these tests at your local doctor’s practice if you wish. Please make sure to bring all relevant test results and documentation with you when you are due to be admitted.

Inpatient Stay

The average inpatient stay following an obesity-related operation has a duration of between three and six days.

During your stay you will receive regular consultations and information material for the time after your discharge (nutritional build-up information, healthy diet and exercise therapy). The nursing program is based on the primary nursing concept and ensures our specialist team provides all necessary nursing and care during your inpatient stay. This allows for the patient to identify with staff as their designated contact person(s).