European Stakeholder and Practitioner Network

PRIORITY wants to establish a network of prevention experts from all EU member states: A European Stakeholder and Practitioner Network.

To establish this “European Stakeholder and Practitioner Network”, we are looking for experts from each EU member state experienced with child sexual abuse prevention. Our goal is to gather a group of knowledgeable individuals who would like to work in close cooperation with us. We also want to use the collective expertise of that newfound network for our online Delphi study which aims to assess implementation as well as access barriers to prevention programs on an individual and structural level. The results of this study are expected to support the dissemination of the Prevent it intervention as well as other efforts in the future.

This network presents a new opportunity to promote the EU’s notion of international collaboration across all EU member states, as set out in the commitments made in the EU’s strategy for a more effective fight against child sexual abuse.

Are you interested in joining the network?

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University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (Hamburg, Germany)
Institute for Sex Research, Sexual Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry