Delphi Study

Across the EU, access to prevention and intervention programs for individuals with a sexual interest in children is limited by numerous structural and individual barriers. To identify EU-wide as well as country-specific access barriers, PRIORITY will conduct an online Delphi Study with members of the European Stakeholder and Practitioner network – a network of prevention experts from all over the EU.

To enable synergies between EU-funded projects, PRIORITY is collaborating with the 2PS project for the Delphi study. 2PS is funded by the EU's Horizon Europe program (for more information please contact Nick Blagden ). Questions from 2PS will be included in the survey instrument, while data analysis will be conducted individually by the two project teams.

Study Aim

The Delphi study aims to evaluate barriers to prevention both on a supranational and a national level. A comprehensive report on EU-wide and country-specific barriers for preventative services will be developed and individual recommendations for action will be made for each EU member state to mitigate identified barriers. Based on the findings of the Delphi study PRIORITY also aims to distribute the online intervention Prevent It to EU member states not yet participating in the project.

Study procedure

The data collection of the Delphi study will take place in three rounds. The first round includes some closed and semi-closed questions as well as several open questions on existing prevention programs, structural and individual barriers. Responses from the experts will be analyzed and used to create the instruments for the subsequent rounds.