A randomized controlled trial (RCT) – a scientifically rigorous design – will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Swedish, Portuguese and German versions of Prevent It. The effectiveness of the program will be evaluated based on the impact of Prevent It on participants’ sexual urges toward children.

Specifically, the evaluation will consist of an international, multicenter, and academically initiated RCT for which those actively enrolled in Prevent It will be compared to a waitlist control group. Data will be collected across the three sites in their corresponding languages, over 18 months. All data will be collected through the “Iterapi” platform that is housed on a server at Linköping University (LiU), Sweden.

PRIORITY will provide intervention to 420 participants who will be recruited via multiple channels (e.g., Tor-Browser, online forums, police referral, social media, press etc.). All contact with participants, the treatment evaluations, and termination of the contact, is conducted via the online treatment platform Iterapi. The Iterapi platform is designed specifically for clinical trials of internet-mediated CBT.