Information about Graduate Training at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf for International Doctoral Candidates

Welcome to the Website of Graduate Training at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf!

Individual doctoral training or doctoral training within a structured programme

In general there are two possibilities of obtaining a doctoral degree in Germany: The classical model is the individual doctoral training. In this case the doctoral candidate must find a supervisor("Dokotorvater/ -mutter") and obtain an acceptance letter from him/ her in order to work on a thesis.
Vacancies in individual doctoral training positions can be found at the "Doktorandenbörse".

Another possible way is to apply for a position in a structured graduate program ("Graduiertenschule"). In structured programs the docotral candidate is working full-time on a thesis, participating in structured courses or workshops and obtaining a fellowship.The doctoral candidate must apply for a place in the
structured program and is supervised by a thesis committee.
Please find the links to the Graduate Schools of the Medical Faculty of the University of Hamburg here:

  • "Entzündung und Regeneration"
  • "Sorting and Interactions between Proteins of Subcellular Compartments"
  • "Cross-Modal Interactions in Natural and Artificial Cognitive Systems"
  • "Multi-Site Communication in the Brain"


Doctoral candidates need to enrol at the Medical Faculty but also at the University of Hamburg. For both applications the acceptance of the supervisor for the planned doctoral project is required. Also it is necessary to write a project plan and acknowledge the doctoral degree regulations("Promotionsordnung").
The dissertation can be written in English.The application at the Medical Faculty is done online
jointly by the doctoral candidate and the supervisor. Information for the application at the University Hamburg can be found at the website.
Please note that both inscriptions are mandatory and need to be achieved within 4-6 weeks after the declaration of the supervisor.
Applicants from NON-EU states need to validate the required documents such as the medical degree at the "Sekretariat der ständigen Konferenz der Kultusminister der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland". Please note that this procedure might take about 3-6 month and is initiated by
the office for medical doctorate ("Promotionsbüro"). Therefore we suggest that applicants from NON-EU states send all of the required documents as soon as the supervision of the dissertation is agreed upon to the office for medical doctorate ("Promotionsbüro").


General information about doctorates in Germany is given at the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.
For any information about employment at the University Medical Centre please contact our international office. The University of Hamburg offers an international programme for all students and
postgraduates: PIASTA ("Programm International für alle Studierende und Alumni"). Additionally the Hamburg Welcome Center informs you about living in Hamburg and Germany.