About the Hamburg School of Infection & Immunity (HSII)

Within the framework of UKE’s Academy of Biomedical Health and Sciences (ABHS), Hamburg School of Infection & Immunity (HSII) offers a two-semester curriculum to support structured MD theses and a four-semester curriculum to kickstart PhD theses. Topics cover state-of-the-art knowledge, methods, and research questions in the fields of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation. We bring together the brightest minds of young medical and natural scientists curious to learn about the fascinating complexity of immune surveillance, its challenges by infectious agents, and the plasticity of its adaptive and regulatory responses in health and autoimmunity.

We invite all UKE’s PhD and MD students irrespective of whether they are enrolled in our SFBs’ graduate programs, in UKE’s medical faculty, or in University of Hamburg’s faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (MIN faculty).

The first group of 15 PhD students started at HSII in November 2022.

Scientific environment

HSII research is centered around the building Campus Research I and will be extended to a new building currently under construction next door, comprising Campus Research II and Hamburg Center for Translational Immunology (HCTI), which is dedicated to provide all facilities required to study infection, immunity, and inflammation thereby underlining our strong efforts to promote this area of research as a lighthouse at the UKE.

Contact & Information

Do you have questions? Please contact Dr. Cristiana Cicoria or send us an email at hsii@uke.de

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